Life is Beautiful by Andrea Echavarria



It’s night games under the lights

It’s blasting music in the car with the windows down

It’s trying to do your work but jamming to Kendrick Lamar instead

It’s dancing around the kitchen with your best friend at 3 am

It’s not being able to say “hi” to the person who used to be your whole world

It’s screaming your lungs out in the stands on Friday nights hoping to lose your voice

It’s friendships that start with the question, “streak?”

It’s being huddled around a fire on a cold October night

It’s wearing leggings and sweatshirts every day in the fall and winter

It’s traveling somewhere new every year

It’s jumping into your teammates arms after scoring the game winning goal in double overtime

It’s countless bug bites from beach trips

It’s late night conversations with the one person who makes you feel special

It’s driving to McDonalds at midnight because you’re craving some fries and chicken nuggets

It’s seeing stray cows roaming the road

2 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful by Andrea Echavarria

  1. You had a lot of passion in your writing, and I could really see that being the reader. I could tell all of these things make up your life, you seem very thankful for the little things in life which is awesome.

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