Life is “Beautiful” | By Andrew Schnader

Life is “Beautiful”

It’s the earbuds blocking out the world.

It’s the cold nights.

It’s the cold nights that bring the cold thoughts back.

It’s the scent of cigarette smoke that flashes you back to the fair.

It’s the starry nights that allow me to sink into the crust of the earth.

It’s the black shoes, the black socks, and those black ripped skinny jeans.

It’s the lights the drive by on the bridge.

It’s playing sad music because you want to feel sad.

It’s the concert.

It’s suffering in the cold to be warmed by 2 people.

It’s all the phone lights making the stadium look like hope.

It’s the red confetti.

It’s the deaf ears afterwards.

It’s the broken light on my ceiling fan.

It’s the Self Titled album feelings.

It’s the Regional At Best album Thoughts.

It’s the Vessel album imagery.

It’s the Blurryface album’s main character.

It’s the curtains blocking out the sunlight.

It’s the AC on high in the summer and the windows open in the winter.

It’s the shock of pain in the lower back of my head.

It’s being cold in the darkness.

It’s seeing dark in the sunlight.

It’s feeling paralyzed when your dreams are crushed.

It’s being melancholy when the rest of the world is happy, by choice or by force.

It’s hearing certain music and treating the mental wounds caused by the world around me.

It’s seeing 2 negatives (-) in the positive (+).

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  1. I love the way that you took this assignment into your own hands and did what other people wouldn’t think to do. I think this poem is beautiful because of the reality of how life really is.

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