How courts resolve conflict

While people are in court, sometimes they try to resolve the conflict themselves but the jury/judge should be the one doing it. But sometimes they keep going, they case can’t be solved and consequences have to be done. I researched that during Dispute Resolutions processes fall into two major types: Adjudicative processes, such as litigation or arbitration, in which a judge, jury or arbitrator determines the outcome. Consensual processes, such as collaborative law, mediation, conciliation, or negotiation, in which the parties attempt to reach agreement. Some more ways are they handle them sometimes by reviewing everyone’s evidence, notes, and their thought procedures. After that, they have to see what everyone’s opinion is on what should happen. After reviewing everyone’s thoughts they have to choose on what happens to the conflict, or the people that caused/effected.

Helping my community

              Hey you! If you had to choose something to help your community out in the next 8 days, 8 months, or maybe even 8 years what what you do. If I had to choose something I could do to help my community, I would definitely, at most pick community service. I would pick this because most people do community service because of bad behavior and not many people really care about this. When we litter it either ends up in the ocean or disintegrating and polluting the air. If it ends up in the ocean it will probably hurt the animals from then eating it, or it can damage their habitat.

I read in an article that, every summer, polluted water pours down the Mississippi River, poisoning the water in the Gulf of Mexico and causing an 8,000-square-mile dead zone — (an area roughly the size of New Jersey) — in which aquatic life cannot survive in. If you think carefully this is a big problem.

In my opinion, if I do this for the next 8 months, nothing will change as much because I’m working by myself. If I do it with a group of people, and everyone works at different locations, I think we would make a difference.