Blog Challenge Week 8 Come Visit These Blogs!

I visited Nikka’s post at I went to her blog because she commented on mine. I thought it would be nice to say something on her blog. She’s from Canada and her blog post in called “My World.” I commented: Dear Nikka, I really enjoyed reading this! I thought this was amazing! But I had a question (or two): Where did you get all the information? Was all this information true? I wish you would’ve included where Ontario. Other than that, it was absolutely great! My name is Natasha, from the U.S. and you commented on my blog at I hope you read some more!

Another blog I visited was Clara’s. The post I chose was “Teddy Bears.” This post is at I found her at Georgina’s blog where she commented something and I decided to do the same to her. I commented: Hi Clara, I’m Natasha from and I also love teddy bears! I also enjoyed reading this! I wish you would have added on to the history of teddy bears. Why didn’t you add more to everything? Anyway, I enjoyed everything else!

The last blog was Sabrina’s who was also commenting on Georgina’s blog. Her post was called “1 2 3 Click” at and it is about 2/3 of the way down. I commented: Dear Sabrina, I enjoyed reading this! I know a Georgina, she goes to my school! Did you read a lot of her posts and that’s why you know some of them? I wish you would’ve added more about the game. My name is Natasha from Come visit me sometime! I really did enjoy this!

All of these blogs were really interesting! Go check them out!

Blog Challenge Week 7 Top 5 Board Games- When, Where, and Why They Were Invented

  1. Sorry- The earlier version of this game was played in England in the 1930s. “It was seen as a variation of Parchessi, a very popular game from India.” Americans started to enjoy Sorry and it was later inherited by Parker Brothers in 1934. “This board game was published by Parker Brothers in 1934. The winner is declared when a player is the first to advance all his or her player tokens from “start “ to “home”.
    Players sometimes are force to send one or more of their game tokens back home. This happens when one player lands on the same space as another.” I have personally played it and I really enjoyed it.
  2. Candyland- I also really enjoyed playing this, even if the people change it, it is a way just to have fun with others. “Candyland which was first created in the early 1940s by Eleanor Abbot while recovering from polio. It was then published by Milton Bradley in 1949.
    The Candyland game bored represents a road in a kingdom and the object of each player is to be the first to make it to the ‘finish line’ in order to win the game.
    The story line of the game involves the search of the missing king of the Candyland. Players advance towards the end of the kingdom road by moving their game piece towards the nearest color or image represented by a card drawn from a deck.”
  3. Monopoly- I have tried this game and it is one of those confusing games for me, but I still enjoy it. “Monopoly is one of the most classic of board games created in the early 1900s. Several updated versions of it have been created since Parker Brothers first produced it in 1935.
    The most recent version of it created is the 70th Anniversary Monopoly Here and Now Electronic Banking Edition.
    The object of Monopoly is for one player to use both luck (roll of the dice) and strategy (careful financial investment) to become the most economically superior power.
    This action is achieved when the winning player is able to gain control over the most personal properties, utility companies, and financial opportunities. The game ends when one or more players go bankrupt.”
  4. The Game of Life- I have never played this game but I have heard that this game is really fun and it is based off of life, although, I am not quite sure this is all true. “The Game of Life was originally produced by inventor Milton Bradley in 1860 as The Checkered Game of Life. In the 1960s, a more modern version of the Life game was marketed by the Milton Bradley Company, which is now a subsidiary of Hasbro.
    The modern 1960 version of The Game of Life marked the 100th anniversary of the production of it. New editions were then created throughout the 20th and 21st century. It is one game that has truly become a classic.
    In 1998, a new CD-ROM version was even created. The object of this game is to be the most successful, and to be the first to advance to the end of the game board.”
  5. Chutes and Ladders (Snakes and Ladders)- This is one of my most favorite games ever, although, I really haven’t played this one in about 2-5 years. “Snakes and Ladders, a game also known as Chutes and Ladders was produced in England in the late 1800s.
    A similar game called Chutes and Ladders was published by the Milton Bradley Company in 1943. It is based on a story line of children being rewarded for good deeds and children suffering consequences for “bad” deeds.
    Even though the game is based on a moral theme, it is generally played for fun and winning is based primarily on the roll of the dice. The object of the game Chutes and Ladders is to advance to the end of the game without falling into chute.
    If a player lands on one or more ladders, it can help them advanced to the last square of the game faster. This game is in some ways very similar to Candyland.”

You can find almost all of my information here. Thank you for reading this! I am telling you, you have to play these!

Earth Day Free Write Imagine you are the commander of a space ship from a far away planet. This is your first visit to planet Earth and you must report back to your homeland about what you see. You are able to zoom in on all parts of the world and see all the things that make the third planet from the sun unique.

“Commander, are you there yet?  Talk to us.” Hi, my name is Commander Forbes, an alien from the dwarf planet, Pluto. This is my first trip to the planet Earth. “I’m here now. There are so many odd creatures.” One thing that makes Earth different from Pluto is there odd creatures called “humans.” What are they, though? Are they nice or mean, good or bad? Mother Bleep always said they all vary in many ways. She says it depends on who they are. Unlike me, she has been to Earth many times.

Earth is also weird because the creatures don’t speak boder. I don’t like trying to communicate with them in my space ship. Most words I understand, but words like “dictionary” I absolutely don’t understand. I know the other words from Mother Bleep. If I zoom over the planet, the people all speak differently. I hate it.

I took a walk on Earth, but turned invisible, just to see what is in famous parts of it. I found that many places have “theme parks” with weird looking ships that don’t go to space. These ships are called “roller coasters.” I went on one and they are what you call “FUN.” There is a place called “China” and, man, is it odd or what? They have a giant wall made of bricks and other hard things that the people call “The Great Wall of China.” Let me tell you, it’s HUGE! I wonder what its reason to be is.

Earth’s land is absolutely different from Pluto. Earth has green land instead of blue-ish and blue/clear water instead of almost none or ice. There are also so many creatures in the water that go “blub” or weird, loud noises.

There are so many giant clumps of land called “mountains.” They are fun to jump off of, although, I think I might have jumped on a human by accident. Oops. These mountains are masterpieces. They are beautiful to look at, climb, and jump off of. I wonder why people don’t jump off these masterpieces.

There is this weird thing that you can eat and it’s so sticky! It’s called “cotton candy.” Mmmm. It’s delicious, though. I have to bring it back to Pluto. Everyone will LOVE it. There are also things called “hot dogs.” Luckily, they are not made of dogs. Everyone will adore all the foods on Planet Earth.

The only thing I hate about Earth is there are so many shapes and sizes of everyone and everything. The humans are tall and small and some don’t even look like each other! A lot are very ugly. But there are others that look like my kind which are beautiful. Other things have different shapes and sizes like the ships in the air and on the ground. Marvin guards the cookies minxlj via Compfight

One thing that freaks me out, or two, are the things that go “bark” and “meow.” They freak me out because they have hair everywhere and the noises they make are so weird! I don’t always like them, but some are adorable.

The scary thing about Earth is it is much bigger than Pluto. I’m not kidding. It’s soooo scary. Well, at least my journey was big!

When I go home, I’m going to have a big story to tell!

Number the Stars Prompt With a partner, answer the following question: How does the encounter with the Nazi soldiers on the way home from school affect Annemarie? How would it make you feel to be in a similar situation? Is it hard to even imagine?

Tiana- Sea Green   Natasha- Pretty Purple

Annemarie was put through a hardship just from running/ practicing for a race for school. She was stopped by a Nazi soldier on the way home from school which was the hardship. For her, it was really scary and she was afraid. She was also probably worried about what would happen. She thought they might’ve hurt her but they just were a little suspicious. Also it help in the long run because they know to stay away from the Nazi soldiers.


If I was in the same situation as Annemarie, getting stopped by the Nazi, I would feel so afraid and so embarrassed.. I wouldn’t know what to do but  i would probably  have run away. With tears running down my face in fear and fright..What would you have done if you were put in their shoes.?Also i would have been terrified because if they saw Ellen more than one time she would have been caught and probably been taken away because she was jewish  .Also it is very hard to imagine going through that. I would think, if I was put through that hardship, it would be one of the hardest things on Earth, and my best friend almost being caught? That would be soooo scary.
If anyone I knew was put into that situation, jewish or not, I would still help no matter what happens. If it did even get close to happening, that is super hard to imagine, it would be so difficult to get though. It is hard to even picture! I don’t judge people who are not the religion i am but just because they are jewish that does not  mean to abandon them probably they did whatever they did to survive.

Blog Challenge Week 6: Post 1 What Food is Famous or Eaten in Your Country?

 What Food is Famous or Eaten in Your Country?

In the U.S. there are many selections of food. I’m guessing you would like to know at least the top 5 foods in the U.S. These foods are very important to us so don’t make them wrong. The top 5 foods are hot dogs, cheeseburgers, donuts, french fries, and pizza.

  1. Hot dogs are very delicious, especially to meat-eaters. That’s right, hot dogs are made out of meat. One thing, though, they aren’t made of dogs. They only have the name Hot Dog. Hot dogs are meat in a bun or usually just called bread to most. It can have the toppings of usually ketchup, which is made out of tomatoes, mustard, which is a yellow substance that tastes delicious with ketchup, or relish, which is a green topping that may look gross but to a lot it is tasty. You can find this food almost anywhere in America.
  2. Cheeseburgers are also pretty good when you grill them. Yup, you grill them. They are also made of meat. A lot of times when you have a barbeque, you grill these and hot dogs together, and, man, they are both delicious. You then put these in buns, too, but the buns are different. The buns you use for cheeseburgers have sesame seeds. It also has two parts, a top and a bottom.
  3. Donuts are delicious. They are like cake in the form of circles with a hole in the middle. Donuts are eaten in many places. Donuts are also so good if you haven’t tried one. The picture shows what many of them look like. Glam Doll Donuts - A dozen vegan donutsThere are many ways you can serve a donut. One way is by making it into a long john. This is a donut that makes a line. It can be glazed, have different flavors, even have other toppings! Same with a regular donut. Tony Webster via Compfight
  4. French Fries are potatoes that are cooked and FRIED and are usually salted. They are absolutely good, especially with salt. They are long, thin slices of potatoes.
  5. Pizza is made with dough, tomato sauce, and cheese all cooked together. It can have any topping you order like anchovie, pepperoni, etc. The picture shows one slice of a whole. Slice at Sbarro Robert S via Compfight

Thank you for reading this. If you have ever eaten one of these five things, write it in the comments and tell me which one you like the most. Also, please tell me what foods are eaten in your country. Again, THANK YOU!The hide-and-seek that say "thank you" idua_japan via Compfight

Blog Challenge Week 5 Activity 1 Is Sharing Work Good?

Here is the big question: Is sharing work good? There are many answers to this questions. One answer is yes. One way sharing work is good is you can share original pictures that you have drawn on PAPER and the person you give it to can’t remake it exactly the same and there is only one copy. Another answer is not always. This is because if you make an original picture on a COMPUTER and send it to someone, they could make changes that you wouldn’t like without asking. Back to the first answer and adding on to the last. The person can edit the picture and if it is your friend they would most likely ask instead of just making edits.

Blog Challenge Week 4 Wow! What a Sight!

Wow! What a Sight!

There are many attractions in the U.S. and I am here to save the day because I will state three of them. These are Disneyland in California, Niagara Falls is the border between Canada and the U.S., and Yellowstone National Park which is mostly in Wyoming but in Montana and Idaho, too. It is sad I haven’t been to these places but I am also not the richest person on earth to be able to see these.

The first attraction is Disneyland which is located in California. Although I haven’t been there yet, I have heard great things and seen many pictures. It is a great place to explore and there are many things to do here. If you have children, it is a great opportunity to let them come here and they could have fun on roller coasters and other things, too. You could probably learn new things here, too. “It is the only theme park designed and built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney.”

This next attraction is Niagara Falls in between Canada and here, the U.S. This is the name for three(, not one, not two, but three,) waterfalls come together. It is a great view from what I have heard and kind of seen. It is pretty big and has many stories behind it all. There is one where there is a man who walks across it with a wheel-barrel on a tightrope and after a few walks he asks for a volunteer to go in the wheel-barrel. It is a bit of a long story, but it is a good one.

The last, and certainly not the least, attraction is Yellowstone National Park which is mostly located in Wyoming but in Montana and Idaho, too. It is an amazing park that has many views of many beautiful animals and places like dramatic canyons, alpine rivers, lush forests, hot springs, and gushing geysers, including its most famous Old Faithful.

I hope you enjoy this and these amazing places. I am sure that you and your family will have a blast. Have fun! And if you have already been to any of these you are some lucky people!

Write the World’s Best Comments! Blog Challenge Week 2

Do you want to know how to make the world’s best comments? Here are some ways you can make it happen. You can specify what information you’re commenting on like if someone writes a story, specify what part you are commenting on. You also want to stay positive and keep the author positive, too. If you write something negative, the author might not write as great or try and write past their limits. Also, you might want to write something true (fact time!) and make sure what you are writing hasn’t already been written in another comment. Making connections with a writer is another way to make commenting better. Imagine that a writer writes about something they did over the summer and you did the same thing. You should make that connection and see what they write back. You should also ask questions and get a conversation going. When you ask questions, the author should write back any answer they have. Remember to proofread your comments and make sure that at the beginning of every sentence there should be a capital letter and grammar should be checked, too. Don’t forget to leave your URL to have the author check out your things, too.

Free Write 3-18: Describe your most awkward moment & how you felt at the time.

Warning: This is all real!

My most awkward moment was when I was once sleeping and I had straightened my hair for school. I then woke up to two things: My stepdad saying bye and him spilling his coffee all over my straight hair. I didn’t know at first because I thought it was a dream. But I opened my eyes. My stepdad didn’t know the cup was opened until I told him. He said it was an accident. I forgave him because it was 6 a.m. and I just wanted to forgive him. At that time, I was still sleeping on my mom’s bed so when she heard he spilled the coffee, she woke up right away. We tried a lot of perfume, but I still had the stench of coffee in my hair. I was pretty worried that someone would say something smelled like coffee and I would be embarrassed to say that it was my hair. I was lucky enough to survive that day. At least it wasn’t dog pee. Oops, I gave away the next one.

How can drama help you better understand the feelings and viewpoints of characters?

Cameran:Regular     Natasha:Bold


Drama helps better understand feelings and viewpoints of characters because it makes it more dynamic. Another reason why it helps to make it more dramatic is when it shows it’s mad, you say it mad and etc. Another reason why it helps to make it more dramatic is when the text has special punctuation. Another reason why it helps to make it more dramatic is when different people talk about the same thing but with different emotions. The last reason why it helps to make it more dramatic is when there are parentheses saying what is going on in a panicked, calm, or worried voice.


Drama helps me better understand feelings and viewpoints of characters by (for viewpoints) saying I, me, my, etc. for first person. Or the story, or play or whatever you’re reDSC_2486ading, could have Savanna/people that the narrator describes, her, him, she, he, etc. for third person. Another way it helps is the way the author writes the drama as if it was realistic or maybe make it into fiction with nothing real. Another is it sways the reader into believing one thing in the story until.. BOOM! The author changes the story to create drama. The last way is the tension the author brings when there is drama in a mystery like if someone stole something and throughout the whole story they lie about it.

I think that drama can help you better understand the feelings and viewpoints of characters by pictures. I also think that drama can help better understand the feelings and viewpoints of characters by scenes. Another way that drama can help better understand the feelings and viewpoints of characters by the excitement of the author. Drama can help with the way the author writes. The last way is drama can help construct the feelings and viewpoints of characters. bethelparkbobb_o via Compfight