Friday Update!

Happy Friday! I would like to take a moment to give an update on what some of our fabulous members are doing to help our community!

One student has been responding to numerous fire calls with the company he volunteers with. Included in this is responding to accidents as well as fires. He has recently taken a class and became a Certified Vehicle Rescue Technician.

Another has been volunteering at Garden Spot Village by helping with meal choices and dinner trays.

One of our athlete members has been an avid member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes where she plans lessons and events for the group to accomplish. Also, she has been consistently volunteering throughout her involvement with the Health Council.

An additional student has been volunteering at the local children’s library. There, she puts books back on their proper shelf and that everything is organized.

One student has been donating food to the local food drives to help benefit our community.

Lastly, an additional student has been volunteering at a local dance studio by helping with classes containing younger students as well as volunteering at her church.

Also, a groups of our members will head over to New Holland Elementary School and volunteer with their holiday gift shop tonight.


Article written by antkowiakeh

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