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A member of National Honor Society recently wrote an article for local newspapers describing the excellent work we have completed over the past year. Take a look!

“Garden Spot High School is home to an abundance of students who altruistically embody character, scholarship, leadership, and service—these individuals are collectively known as National Honor Society. In the 2015/2016 induction, seventeen new members were venerated for their accomplishments and received their honorary National Honor Society Certificate. As prerequisites, NHS members must maintain a GPA of at least 3.75, undergo an application process involving faculty recommendations, and commit their time to the community through service projects. Since August 2015, the 65-member club has logged a total of 1,116 hours of service, directly benefiting the New Holland area and the greater community. Events that were held by the organization include the cleanup of Brubaker Park in Terre Hill, a collection of donations for an orphanage in Vietnam, providing holiday gifts for a local family in need, and a multitude of in-school activities. Additionally, as it is the responsibility of the NHS member to complete their own service hours, the amount of volunteer work being completed this time of the year is increasing. The goal of National Honor Society is definitively to make a significant positive impact on the community.”

Doug Kurtz

Class of 2017

Article written by willwert

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