The British Invasion Show 2019!!!

Here are the sound files for our British Invasion Show 2019.

1. Saturday’s Alright

2. Bicycle Race – this chart is edited. We will end the chart on the bicycle bells.

3. Bohemian Rhapsody – this is the entire composition, but you will hear it as a piano piece. You can still play your part along with this recording.

4. Hey Jude/Sgt Peppers – the YouTube video has a small edit – we are performing the ENTIRE arrangement.

5. Fairest of the Fair – without repeats

HS Band Holiday Music

Here are the links to our Holiday Music.

1. On This Day:
2. Holiday Celebration:
3. Ding, Dong Merrily On High:
4. Brazilian Bell Carol:
5. Three Wise Guys:

Individual Charts for Field Show

Band: Here are the individual music charts for our field show. This may aid in practicing certain charts or sections without having to load the entire show.
1. We Got the Beat

2. Talking in Your Sleep

3. Open Arms

4. Funkytown

5. Africa

6. Liberty Bell

Marching Band Updates

All GSHS Band Members:
This Friday is our first football game and it is a home game!
Please remember your full uniform, helmet, gloves, black shoes/socks

Also: our game on Oct. 13 vs. Cocalico is their homecoming.
We will perform the pregame show that evening.

GSHS Marching Band Field Show Music

Included in this blog are the three (3) selections the band will be performing for their 2017/2018 Field Show. Everyone should already have their music. If not, please let me know asap by emailing me at:
1. Let’s Dance

2. Shut up and Dance

3. Dancing Queen (the edited version)

Welcome to the GSHS Music Department Blog


This blog is dedicated to the GSHS Music Department. Within this site, you will find information pertaining to:
1. Band
2. Marching Band
3. Chorus
4. String Ensemble
5. Jazz Ensemble
6. Vocal Ensemble
7. World Beat
8. Vocal Techniques
9. American Musical Theater
10. Guitar Lab
11. Music Theory
12. AP Music Theory

HS Music Staff:
Mrs. Deb Olson – HS Chorus, Vocal Ensemble, American Musical Theatre, Vocal Techniques, Special Education Music, MS Chorus, MS Orchestra
Mr. Richard Fitz – HS Band, Marching Band, Guitar Lab, Jazz Band, Music Theory, AP Music Theory, MS Jazz Band, MS Band (asst.)
Mr. Lynn Stover – HS World Beat, MS Band
Mr. Jon Rehrer – HS String Ensemble

Will be posted in both the chorus room and band room.
Will not be the same week to week
Students need to check the schedule to ensure they are attending the correct rehearsal
Attendance is taken at each rehearsal. If students are scheduled to be in band, but go to chorus, they will be marked absent.
HS Orchestra rehearses after school. Exact days and times are TBD.

Applied Music and iSpartan
1st Semester – Days 1-4; return to your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th block class in accordance with the number day.
Days 5-10 – You will be assigned an iSpartan placement dependent upon your current grades
2nd Semester – Days 1-4; as above. Days 5-10; Applied Music
Lunch – must be eaten in the café. Students are not permitted to eat in the music department.
Any student in the music department during lunch/iSpartan must have a pass.

HS Chorus – Oct. 26, Dec. 18, May 17
HS Band – Dec. 18, Feb. 27, May 17
HS String Ensemble– Dec. 18, May 17
Vocal, Percussion, Jazz Ensembles Concert – May 10
These dates are listed on the HS Website
Please mark these dates in your calendar.
Students should inform employers of their HS commitments
Missing a performance due to work is not an acceptable excuse

The concert attire is for both chorus and band
Girls – all black
Guys – white shirt, black pants, long tie, black shoes, black socks
Small ensembles: vocal ensemble, jazz ensemble, world beat, may have different attire.

Sr. Vocal Ensemble – Mrs. Olson
Jazz Ensemble – Mr. Fitz
World Beat – Mr. Stover
Vocal Ensemble/Jazz Ensemble – by audition only
See Mrs. Olson for questions pertaining to Sr. Vocal Ensemble
Auditions for Jazz Ensemble will be posted very soon.
Current openings are: trombone, trumpet
See Mr. Stover if you are interested in World Beat

Report times will be posted outside my office door
Throughout the marching season – if a students has any conflicts, they MUST SEE MR. FITZ at least ONE WEEK prior to the conflict. Just because they have an excuse does not mean it will be accepted!
Excuses must be in writing and signed by a parent/guardian and given to Mr. Fitz NLT than ONE WEEK prior!
Texting your friend or myself is NOT an acceptable way to communicate. You MUST contact me directly!

MB Show for 2016

Attached are the sound files for our MB Show, “The Elements of the Universe.”



Attached are two files that represent the Elanco Music News for our school district. There is important news regarding concerts, upcoming events, and other important information.

Also, congratulations to the following students for their selection into District Band and County Wind Ensemble and County Symphonic Band:

Caleb Good, trumpet – District Band

Rachel Fulford, clarinet – County Wind Ensemble
Tara Bowman, clarinet – County Wind Ensemble
Caleb Good, trumpet – County Wind Ensemble

Rachel Hungerford, flute – County Symphonic Band
Mariah Ressler, clarinet – County Symphonic Band
Josh Houck, clarinet – County Symphonic Band
Paula Groff, clarinet – County Symphonic Band
Brian Zwally, trumpet – County Symphonic Band
Nate Smith, trumpet – County Symphonic Band
Shannon Reiff, trumpet – County Symphonic Band
Joel Apgar, trumpet – County Symphonic Band

Elanco News pg. 1

Elanco News pg. 2