October 28

Waiting, a skill our gifted children learn early on in life

Welcome back to my gifted blog for students and parents. Each day I see kids who are waiting for something else to come along, especially among the gifted population that I work with. There is an interesting post that I wanted to share with you called “Imagine a World Where Gifted Kids Don’t Have to Wait.” I enjoy Paula Prober’s short articles because she speaks so well for the gifted among us.

I hope you have been enjoying our Fall weather and looking forward to the upcoming holiday season. Before we know it, because we are always so busy, it will be 2017. Remember when we were all panicky about whether Y2K would wipe out our computers? That doesn’t seem like it was seventeen years ago.

Valerie Sharir

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I am the Gifted Support Teacher for grades 7-12 at Garden Spot Middle/High School. I also coach the High School Quiz Bowl Team.

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