May 29


As some may know i’m in orchestra and chorus. Recently I havent been able to go because of the snow. Do you like the snow? Does anyone else love to sing and dance? Soemtimes i’ll just grab a brush and sing.  My moms says it helps me release energy. A book i’m reading right now is Anne ofr Green Gables. It is actually really good. Especially girls it is mainly about how girls that think negative about their body learn to love themselves. Also a great big adventure.

December 4

What I wanna be

When I was 5 I wanted to be a princess,when I was 7 I wanted to be a desighner, when I was 9 I wanted to be a head chef at a top resturant.Now that I 12 I love baking and know whart I want. I want to open my own little coffee shop. I want to serve little pastries and doughnuts and all that good stuff. I want my place to be somewhere a person can sit in a comphy chair and sip a warm coffee and eat a doughnut.I want my place to be somewhere a person can feel like a family.

September 28


I just finished the Treasure of easter island. It was a cool book but, very short book. I like these books because, i can red more of them at a time. Their isn’t a lot of books that I like at my school library but, I have a library card and go to my public library a lot. What book should I read? What are you guys reading? Whats your favorite book? Also I’m really into pandas and polar bears do  you guys know and good books?

September 26

WHATT HOWW?????(Frosted Kisses 2)

Hey guys, since i’ve been reading Frosted Kisses. I just found out that she was helping someone with cleaning, and she ended up getting hurt really bad. Have you ever gotten that feeling when your reading a book and feel like it almost happened or that you can relate to something? Hopefully the charity for Penny goes well!!

Frosted Kisses

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September 25

My review for (Frosted Kisses)

So, if you have seen my page about Frosted kisses you will know what i’m talking about! At first when I saw this book I thought t looked pretty dumb but, when I started reading it It wasn’t so dumb after all.  1-10 I’m giving this book a sevan because, it’s cute  that she has a crush and their is the Queen like she knows everything and tries to ruin them. While i’ve been reading this it feels like a disney  movie with the evil and the good. Penny is sweet she’s the good and then theirs Esmeralda ( Queen) evil. Also I feel like when i read this it’s like i’m joining the world of this book. The reason I wouldn’t give it a ten is the beginning I felt kinda bored with it , but maybe it’s because I was confused about what had been happening.

September 18

New Year

This year I want to get better at writing. I love writing fiction, but i’m a lot worse at non fiction. Maybe it’s because I think it’s less interesting. I think if I try hard enough I can achieve my goal.