Deforestation! *NEW*

Deforestation *NEW*

Deforestation Picture

So, I already made a deforestation article a little under 2 years ago and I want to bring it back and revise it. I’m going to make it more relevant to people and what is still happening. If you want to go and check out my other deforestation article here is the link: Deforestation. Let get into it, shall we?

           Look at the picture above, this is what deforestation actually looks like. It messy everywhere and no greens ANYWHERE! It used to look beautiful but now, it looks like this. We seriously need to help. To learn more continue reading…

                 Scientist or experts have estimated that about 500,000 square miles or 1.3 million square kilometers of land is deforested every 10 years! That is 50,000 square miles or 130,000 square kilometers is cut down each year! That’s crazy to think. Also about 36 American football fields are cut down each minute. Where most of this is happening is in more tropical areas like rain forests. Lots of deforestation can not be fixed and is VERY permanent. There may be some forest that can grow back, but most can’t which is why this is a HUGE problem.

        Another thing is deforestation causes is global warming. When they would burn all the trees it causes all that carbon dioxide into the air and pollutes it. It can also lead to erosion if the forest is on a steep hill. If something falls it can pick up more and more dirt, tearing it up from the ground. It is also making less and less oxygen for us. Plants and trees help carbon dioxide get turned back into oxygen. So, we need plants to help us survive.

The last thing is very important. How do people not think of this when they are cutting the trees down. They are taking homes away from animals and making them have to go and find new places to live. Think about it, your house or home just gets pushed and pushed by a bulldozer and you can’t do anything about it. This happens while you are eating a family dinner at the kitchen table. That’s what is is like for animals when we cut down trees, we cut down their homes that they live in. Many people think well they can go find a new place to live. Well that may not be the case, if we cut down a whole entire forest they will have to go a long way to find a new one. They then have to adapt and try to find more food. People don’t usually think that it is that extreme, but it is.

I hope you guys liked this article! Please try to help deforestation it really is serious. If you want to help please go to: Global Goals! And help. (It’s free) There are also so many websites that you can go to and help donate money for.

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