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                                         Boat                                                                 Equals                                                   Glass of Water

So some people when they see those 3 pictures they don’t think that much of it. Other people think “that is that what I am drinking.” Only a few people think, “this is a problem.” Those few people are ABSOLUTELY right. This is a massive problem. The water we drink could of came from that river/ocean. The water is so polluted that we can’t even see through it. So if we want clean water for every single human being out there in the world then we can’t have a water looking like that. Yes the water we drink looks so clear but that’s because we have been able to take all the nasty stuff out and purify it so it is safe to drink. What if I told you that there are people out in the world who drink that nasty and filthy water. What would you think?  Now that some people know that this is a problem they are now thinking, “so what have we done to try and stop the water from getting so polluted?” Well here is what this article is all about. ‘

There has been many inventions and only some worked. There is this guy names Michael Pritchard he made a water bottle that cleans dirty or filthy water. He made what is called the LifeSaver. It is called that because one day this could save your life. It can take dirty or filthy water and make it clean and filters it. So the LifeSaver can help if you live somewhere where there is dirty water everywhere. Or if you live in an area that gets lots of floods. Then you can take the dirty ground water and turn it into good and healthy drinking water. So if I was in any of those areas then I would probably buy this water bottle.


Thank you for reading my story, I hope you did enjoy it. If you are wondering where I got my information it came from background knowledge and from the website: TED. Also if you want to go and help go to: Global Goals! Make sure to comment down below what your favorite part of this story was, or if you have a suggestion for me also leave it below. (Make sure to leave your blog link in your comment so I can go and visit and also comment) Bye!



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