Luke Parker School Adventures part 1

Luke was so nervous because his dad had made him go on the fishing trip. But happy Luke returned with a smile on his face and caught a fish! And this time Abby didn’t punch him in the stomach and Jessie wasn’t around.  Luke loves his breakfast usually but at the time he felt like anything going in would just come up. Luke remembered from the beginning of his terrifying yet thrilling dream that it was Saturday and that although he didn’t think that it was mentioned but it was the second to last day of summer vacation.


By the time they had arrived back home they had already eaten dinner and a bowl of ice cream that they bought on the way back.  The sun was very faint in the summer sky and Luke felt like jelly from the long day of hard work, but happy because he caught a 3 foot long fish! They threw it in the freezer and the whole family decide to split ways and go on their electronic devices. Luke once more decide to play on his play station. The same game as his dream was the game that he was going to play.  


He was very nervous for school to start.  School started tomorrow!  His teachers last year were so CRUEL.  He hated them they wouldn’t let him talk, play games on the computer,  and they had homework every night EVEN on the weekends!  They were so strict!  Hopefully I would have a new teacher this year.  Now that I’m 10 years old I’ll be going to the 4th grade.  I haven’t seen my friends all summer.  


The only thing I don’t like about school is my enemy.   Frank Bender. Dun Dun Dun!!  I wish he would just leave me alone.  He always gets me in trouble.  Even though I didn’t do anything.  Like last year he framed me for the food fight in the lunchroom, and another time there were so many spitballs in the air and the teacher came in and Frank Bender blamed me for it.  I got suspended for a week!  I just hope that over the summer he learned that it is not nice to blame people.  


That’s the only thing I dislike about school.  Well except for the homework, but that’s a given.  Hey maybe Frank Bender might have changed over the summer break.  “Luke come down for dinner!”, mom yelled from downstairs.  “Coming”, Luke replied.  He was hoping his mother wouldn’t ask about school tomorrow, but knowing her she will.  


Luke went downstairs and everyone was already sitting at the table waiting for him.  His sister Abby was very hungry so she was mad at him for taking so long to come downstairs.  “SO Abby are you excited to start 2nd grade tomorrow?”, Mom said being nosey.  “Yeah I guess I mean I nailed 1st grade hoping that I was done. Nope!”, Abby said angrily.  “Luke are YOU excited for the 4th grade to start.”, Mom said again.  “I guess but well never mind.”, Luke said then stopped himself. Mom doesn’t know about Frank Bender no one does.


Mom sad to Abby and Luke, “Time for bed go brush teeth, brush hair and get PJ’s on.”  Luke didn’t want to go to bed because that means school tomorrow.

That’s the first part of the new series Luke Parker School Adventures!  

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  1. Hi Brooklynn. Wait, is Luke Parker actually in 4th grade? Does he like Abby? When are you actually gonna make the theme be school. Please visit my blog. Also where it says “I guess but well never mind.”, and why is there a comma at the end after the ” things? Bye, from Ash.

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