In chapter 1 of The Watsons Go To Birmingham, we learned that it is winter time and it is very cold. There is a family of five who live in Flint, Michigan. The characters are Mom, Dad, Joetta, Byron, and Kenny, the narrator. One of the problems is that there is no heat in the house. The second problem is that Mom does not like living in Flint, Michigan and she wants to live in Alabama. First, since the heat wasn’t working they had called their “mean aunt”  to ask if they can stay there for a while until the heat worked so dad asked Byron and Kenny to scrape their car window. Then, the brothers are arguing because they have to scrape the windows on the car. After that, Byron kisses the mirror and gets stuck and Momma came running out panicking and dad was trying not to laugh. Then, they got hot water and it froze when it got on his lips. So  they ripped Byron’s lips off of the mirror and he hurry up and went inside and Momma put vaseline on his lips. Now his brother is going to make a comic book about Byron as  a superhero. The superheros name is going to be named the Lipless Wonder.  


I want to be a police officer when I grow up

When I grow up I want to be a police officer because I don’t like people who are bad and i want to make this world better so we have less problems. I am going to arrest people who break the law and if I see them i will arrest them. I am also going to talk to kids and help them make good choices like, look for cars, be drug free and don’t do them when they get older and to trust cops. Did you know that if you don’t smoke and do drugs you will live a better and longer life because if you smoke and do drugs you can be unhealthy and be stressed out all the time?

A Life with Dominick

Hi my name is Dominick I am going to tell you all about me. I like french fries and chicken nuggets. I like riding bike and I have a bmx bike. I like riding scooter to I like riding a lot of stuff you can ride on. The new Holland fair is coming up on Wednesday and also the parade I love both of them they are really fun especially the fair the fair is so fun there is a lot of rides there and games. I play a lot of sports I play football and wrestling and baseball.


This top one is from 2015 and I am going to see what I did better at compared to 2015 to 2017.


Hi my name is Dominick. I love to eat gyros, especially during the fair. My favorite sport it wrestling and I have been playing this sport for 6 years so I am very good. I am very good friends with Brayden who has been playing wrestling for 7th year playing. So me and him are very good friends. When I have to start getting ready for bed I always watch Arrow on netflix. I also like to ride bike and go to friends houses. So, this is my life.

What I Would Do With $1,000,000

First, if  I had or won one million dollars I would spend $100,000 on my travel. I would would travel to Ohio, Texas and Alaska. Next I would give $400,000 to charity like homeless, Locks of Love and Toys 4 Tots.

Next, there are three major things that I’m going to buy if I had $1,000,000. The first thing I would spend money on is to start a football program. I would do that to help people who have illnesses. I would raise them money. The next thing I would buy a house, car, gyro stand and a house for Mrs. Hart. The next thing I would be is some fun toys (dirt bike, four-wheeler and a ranger).

Finally, when I travel I want to go to Ohio to see Roman Atwood and his brother Dave Atwood. The other thing I want to go to is Texas because I want to hunt with my crossbow. The next thing I want to visit is Alaska to be in the game commissioner. That is what i’m doing if I had $1,000,000.v

All about the pssa’s

I think i did great because i went back in the story a few times and i looked back at the questions a few times so I think i did great. I had like 64 problem to do on the booklet for the pssas and i did very well because I took my time and worked rely hard and I was the last one to work. Every day of pssas we got a little snack and extra resess.

My wrestling tourdement

My wrestling coach had to talk to us about some moves then we would practice them to get better at it so we can do we can get to it and wrestle the other teams the first team i vs was Conestoga valley and i won it was 15 to 0. it was so fun then i had so mush fun. then i had to verse hempfield and i won and i got first place.

If I was president I would do…

If I was president i would have a lot of animals. I would live with my twin brother Joe because im Joe to. I would have a horse so i can ride all around the house with it. i would have a kid and he would be 7 years old and i would bye him a baby horse so we can have a race around the white house and i would bye me a wrestling mat so me and my brother can wrestler together and i would bring more wrestlers like tyler,jermy,garret and brice. we can wrestle all night nad all day and it is like were at a wrestling tournament. I would by a lot of movies and a lot of popocorn. I would never leave that house never ever again!

What i’m going to do for thanksgiving

What i’m doing for thanksgiving i’m going to have 3 thanksgiving this year. I have to go to my grandmas and grandfathers house and my dads house and my house. It is going to be fun because I love eating thanksgiving the food is good for all of them we are having turkey sweet, potatoes, mashed potatoes with gravy, and corn it is so good I love all of that. the best part is turkey and stuffing and I love it all. All of it is so so so good. That is what i’m doing for thanksgiving.

About my winter break

So this is what I did my winter break. On Christmas I want to this hotel and there was this elevator and when you go in it it is all glass and you can see when you go up and when you go down is is vary fun and there is twelve floors in all and i went to most of then I was on the 800th floor my number was 818. And when I went back home I went to my dads house to open presents I got a slushy maker bubbles that it can sit on you hand and a lot more but im going to go right to my moms house. I got at my moms house is ear buds of beats they are blue they are really loud. I got a hoverboard and a tablet/computer and a lot of more stuff and I am really not kidding there is a lot of more.

My favorite football team

My favorite football team is the eagles. last week the Eagles played the Giants the Eagles won 27 to 7 the Eagles got 27 and the giants got 7 they got the first touchdown then we did not let them get  another touchdown we got two more touchdowns then the Giants. the QB did a QB sneak and we got a touch down. then we did a blue 43 and we got 40 yards then we did a QB sneak and we got a touchdown and the Giants got 5 penalties we had 0 penalties and someone on the Giants team broke their leg so the score was 27 to 7