April 26

what can you do to help the Earth in a days, weeks, months, years.

You can help the earth in a day by picking up trash , bottles , paper , plastic in your neighborhood or like beaches ( save the turtles) you can help the earth in a week by raising awareness about whats happening on the earth. you can help the earth in a month by having a strike or boycot to also to raise awareness . you can also help the the earth in a year by trying to pass laws to not litterĀ  because we can save our oceans . thats how you can do to help the earth in a day, week , month, and a year.

April 17

How coronavirus is affecting my neighborhod

its has been like 3 weeks since school closing and like a 2 weeks since the qurentine. and it is runining the naighborhood kids becuase like they were playing games like tag and hiding seek tag but they cant do it because 6 feet apart but like the older residents of my hood are like they can not be able to do things that the love to do ( TRAVLE) but that is just sad. I hope it ends soon.

April 5

How I feel about online school

I feel like online school is ok because I can be in my PJS and do the work and also watch tv and eat while I am working. BUT i also feel like I haveĀ  a lot Of stress because I don’t know if im doing a thing right or I might be wrong and I Dont have a expert or teacher (Mrs Blevins) to help me as much and i am also sad that I cant see my friends in person THAT DARN COARNAVIRUS!!! so that is my thoughts on online school.