March 11

Crayola Factory

After visiting the Crayola Experience on December 25th 2019 I wanted to write a review as soon as I possibly can so I can tell you what’s going on there and see if you want to go.


The Crayola Factory is in Easton PA. On a regular weekday in it is open 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and longer on the weekends ( 10:00 – 6 : 00) It is open every single day but not on holidays because it is a expirence that people work at but otherwise it is open all year.


Once you pay the fee to get in then it is compleatly free unless you want to get food there then you have to pay some money. The admission fee is if you have a child under 2 years old then they are compleatly free,  A child and a adult is $30 but if you are a seinor over 65 you have to pay $18 to get in so that is really reasonable in my opinion. But in my opinion the more people you bring is the better because they give you 2 crayola coins to do anything with if you go to a staition called “ Wrap It Up”  you can make your own desin on a crayons lable you can make it whatever you want but it has to be appropreite or elce it wont let you enter its name but any way you put your coin into the Machine and you can desin and make your own crayon but then you have this thing you put the crayon and the wraping paper on and it makes your crayon.


If you want to get food there is a place that is in the crayola factory but in my opinion is very pricey so that is why my family went into a restraunt next to the place witch is the best!!! It is based off of like snow and yetties and it has Frozen Yogert!!! (and a bunch of toppings) so you can eat there but in the summer there is a place to sit out side but there is a whole food court if it is cold.


Finally there is a giftshop it is absolutly the best!!! There is plushys if you want a soft stuffed animal. There is a whole wall full of every single crayon that ever was made and on the crayon wall it says what the crayon name is, when was it made, was it popualr and that is that but there is more!! You can get like a tin and fill the whole thing to the brim with what ever crayons you want to the brim of the tin and you can get a bunch of other nic naks and stuff.


So that is my review of the crayola factory and I hope if you go there and have a great time with your family or freinds so yeah.


               Toby G.

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7 thoughts on “Crayola Factory

  1. chapma014

    I really like all of the cool things you talked about that you can do there. I wish you would have said more of the great things that you can see there. I wonder what restaurant you went to next to the Crayola Factory.

  2. hooverbes

    I like how you described things in detail. I wish you would have told some of the crayon colors. I wonder what your favorite color crayon is.

  3. stoltzbes

    I liked that you talked about were you ate even though it is not part of the crayola factory. I wish you told us other things you can do with crayola coins. I wonder that while you are doing “wrap it up!” you can choose the color of the wrapper and the crayon.

  4. Travis Jones

    I like that you enjoyed the Crayola experience!
    I wish you would have your conclusion paragraph longer
    I wonder if you REALLY liked it

  5. tracye924

    Star: Loved It I could almost feel the passion in the air.

    Wish: I wish there was a webcite that you could have linked.

    Wonder: I wonder what made you choose this.

  6. noelbrbes

    I liked how you put details about the gift shop.
    I wish you put more information.
    I wonder what the Crayola Factory is like.

  7. murraybes

    I like how detailed your review is. I wish you would’ve said some of the different crayon colors. I wonder if you have a favorite crayon color.


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