My ELA Study Plan

                    My ELA PSSA Study Plan


I know that I need to learn many things to prepare for the ELA PSSA in grade 4. First, I found that I need to learn Onomatopoeia for the PSSA.  Second, I need to learn Exaggeration for the PSSA. Finally I need to learn my vocabulary for the PSSA.


Because of these thing that I need to learn, I am going to make a plan.  First, I am going to practice every day in school and at home. First, I am also going to make stuff that will help me.   Here is some examples….. Study plan book, flash cards, a study game.


Second of all, I know that I need to learn more for the PSSA and I need to practice all the things. I need to know these things, because if I don’t, then I will not know what to do when the question asked is something that I don’t know.  Then I won’t get it right.


Finally, I found out that I have lots of things to learn so I am going to always  going to practice at home and at school. And that is my study plan for our PSSA.

Written by Isabella Greenman.

Our fourth grade garden

Name: Isabella Greenman

Date: 2/19/18


Title: Our fourth grade garden


Do you want to sit outside and learn?  In fourth grade we are making a garden and when we get a garden we want to have picnic tables to go and sit there and learn and take a breath of fresh air.  We are going to have so much fun to have a garden because some of the flowers help butterflies habitat.  


We decided to put the garden in a safe place and were we put it is a safe and good place. We decided to put the garden close to Mrs.Henssler class and so we went outside and we measured the area and that is where the garden is going to be.


Some of the flowers and trees and bushes that we are using. jersey tea         4.spicebush

2.white oak tree          5.sunflowers

3.milkweed        eyed