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PA FFA State Convention June 2014 Pictures and Results

In addition to the pictures above, we had a few other students participate at the State FFA Convention. Here are the results:

At the state FFA convention we also got a Gold for our National Chapter Award and we have submitted our National Chapter Award to the National FFA. We also got a Silver (15th place) for our Chapter Scrapbook.

Aquatics Resources CDE (individual competitors)

– 1st place: Ethan Yoder

– 5th place: Colin Wenger

Environmental Natural Resources CDE (group competition)

– 1st place: Nathan Moyer, Derick Weaver, Ethan Yoder and Colin Wenger

At the National FFA Convention in October our ENR Team will be: Ethan Yoder, Derick Weaver, Colin Wenger and Jenna Diehl

Forestry CDE (individual competitors)

       – 8th place: Bethany Sauder

– 9th place: Benjamin Martin

– 10th place: Jessica Zimmerman

– 21st place: Nathan Phillips

Land Use and Management CDE (individual competitors)

     – 13th place: Saverio Crivelli

Livestock Judging CDE (individual competitors)

     – 63rd place: Sydney Nichols

– 105th place: Adam Weber

Meats Evaluation and Technology CDE (individual competitors)

– 22nd place: Mitchell Diem

Milk Quality and Products CDE (team competition)

– 5th place team: Kayla Lutchkus, Emily Wilson, Katie Martin and Liz Mumma

– 7th place individual: Kayla Lutchkus

– 18th place individual: Emily Wilson

– 27th place individual: Katie Martin

– 29th place individual: Liz Mumma

Poultry Evaluation CDE (individual and team competition)

       – 1st place team: William Horning, Laura Snader, Andrea Weaver and Austin Mueller

Our National FFA Convention Poultry team will consist of William Horning, Laura Snader, Andrea Weaver and Grant Sauder.

– 1st place individual: Grant Sauder

– 2nd place individual: William Horning

– 4th place individual: Laura Snader

– 8th place individual: Andrea Weaver

– 9th place individual: Austin Mueller

– 11th place individual: Matthew Lapp

– 14th place individual: Samantha Shirk

– 16th place individual: Carson Lehman

Creed Speaking CDE (individual competition)

     – 5th place individual: William Horning

Safe Tractor Driving CDE (individual competition)

– 13th place individual: Alex Plank

Veterinary Science CDE (team competition)

– 10th place team: Kelly Seifrit, Morgan Mueller, Kaila Stoltzfus, Becky Sensenig

– 38th place individual: Kelly Seifrit

– 39th place individual: Morgan Mueller

– 42nd place individual: Kaila Stoltzfus

– 46th place individual: Becky Sensenig

Wildlife CDE (individual competition)

    – 1st place: Derick Weaver

– 2nd place: Jenna Diehl

– 13th place: Galen Lehman

– 16th place: Nathan Moyer



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