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Whole Hog

The Grassland FFA did the annual Whole Hog fundraiser this year to help support a local Garden Spot High School student who was diagnosed with Cancer this past year. He had no affiliation with the FFA. Yet, the students thought it would be a great way to give back. The Whole Hog fundraiser always helps and support places/ or people in our community. We try and do our best to keep the community better.

This year, the Whole Hog was on Feb. 26th in our Ag. Department. We do this every year for National FFA week. National FFA Week is when FFA chapters around the country celebrate a week-long tradition that began in 1947 when the National FFA Board of Directors designated the week of George Washington’s birthday as National FFA Week in recognition of his legacy as an agriculturist and farmer. We served meals and had a dine-in opportunity for students and staff. The meal consisted of a Pulled Pork sandwich, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, and a Cookie. The FFA was greatly represented by members from grades 9-12th who some helped since 7 A.M! We started 6 weeks of planning and sent out letters to local businesses for delivery opportunities. We had support all over our community and it was great! Having great teamwork has gotten us through this Fundraiser.

We are thankful to all who helped and supported this student in a great time of need. We had a great outcome and great time.

“The difference between success and failure is a great team.” -Tim Duncan


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Summer Officer Retreat 2014

We had a fun and productive day during the Officer Retreat on Saturday, August 3rd. We had a great learning experience with Miss. Pray and Mr. Wright, as this was their first summer Officer Retreat. In the morning, we all got to know each other and did some team building activities. We worked on planning our Program of Activities (POA) for the year and worked on forming individual officer, officer team and chapter goals for the upcoming year. We then treated ourselves to a fun afternoon of team building at SkyZone in Lancaster.  Even Miss. Pray and Mr. Wright had a great time jumping with us. Overall, the day treated us well and we had an amazing time. We are super excited for all of the awesome activities that we will be holding this school year!

Our Officer Team for the 2014 school year:

President- Bethany Sauder

VP Community- Derick Weaver, 2nd- Daniel Styer

VP Chapter- Jessica Zimmerman, 2nd- Austin Mueller

VP Student- Nathan Moyer, 2nd- Laura Snader

Corresponding Secretary- Morgan Mueller, 2nd- Natalie Sweigart

Recording Secretary- Samantha Walsh, 2nd- Kaila Stoltzfus

Treasurer- William Horning, 2nd- Andrea Weaver

Chaplain- Carson Lehman, 2nd- Heather Zeiset

Sentinel- Wesley Weaver, 2nd- Dakota Cook

Reporter- Grant Sauder, 2nd- Beth Horning

Historian- Kelly Seifrit, 2nd- Emma Kauffman

Website- Becky Sensenig, 2nd- Elizabeth Mumma

2nd Officer, Aaron Webber- TBD

9th grade advisor- TBD

10th grade advisor- Dustin Becker

11th grade advisor- Kiki Wallick

12th grade advisor- Lester Stover



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Welcome To The Grassland FFA Blog!

Welcome to the Grassland FFA Blog!

This is a place for students and their families to visit to stay current with all that the Grassland FFA is doing. On this site you will find updates about our FFA chapter, forms, pictures, a schedule and posts from our members. You will also find updates about our Agricultural Science classes: FFA 9, FFA 10, FFA 11, FFA 12, Veterinary Science, Horticulture and Aquatics, Forestry and Wildlife (AFW).

The Agricultural Science Teachers / Grassland FFA Advisors, Miss. Heather Pray and Mr. Caleb Wright, are excited to help their students learn and grow in the ever advancing and changing field of agriculture.

This is a new blog and new process to both advisors, so please bear with us as we work to get this blog up and running.


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