Sadie’s Adventures Part 5

The Adventures of Sadie

Part 5

Hi! It’s me, Sadie Wanda Graham, and do you like my stories of me? I think they’re really cool! But anyway, if you never read my other Sadie stories, then that’s okay. You don’t need to. But, my favorite sister ever, Ash, calls me Sahd Tahd Tahd Tahds, Yes. She Is. That’s my name! Well, anyway, on May 14th, Ash took me outside and I saw a annoying neighbor and she was crawling around on her lawn!?!?! I know, right?! That’s so weird that someone would do something like that! But anyway, just wanted to let you know. That’s a thing that I saw. I also smelled chicken because I was right by the deck, which is where the grill is at. I smelled chicken, because Dom Doms and Mommyboos (what I call Dom and Mom) were making chicken. On the grill. And it smelled heavenly. Well, anyway. These are NOT fake stories and I hope that you guys can give me some ideas for the new Batwoman series! Thanks for reading, and bye!



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