Batty for Bats

               Batty for Bats!

    By Ashlyn Graham


Have you ever wondered about bats? Bats are nice animals that can help us, and the environment. I think that we should build bat houses in the park and the surrounding areas because of this.

                                    Bats are Nice!

Bats are nice animals that help us, and our environment. You might be wondering, why? Or, how? Bats can eat harmful bugs that eat farmers’ crops. That makes our food healthier, because the farmer does not need to waste millions of his well-earned money, just to get these really expensive pesticides so that the bugs don’t harm the food. Bats help by eating them. Bats are also nice because they pollinate plants, just like bees!  Bats are very special, even though they are not the biggest population.

                     Why are bats limited?

Bats have a small population. People can harm them by going and cutting trees, where a bat might be sitting. Another problem can be people going into caves, where bats are. That’s probably how the white-nose sickness came from. They had a type of sickness on them, and they went into the cave, and they spread it on one bat. That poor bat was contagious, and sadly, the white-nose syndrome spread all around the bat population. What the white-nose syndrome does to bats, is, it weakens their skin and their wings. It wakes them up from their winter hibernation. Of course, the bat is hungry. The bat can’t fly because of the weakness on its skin. There is no food in the wintertime. The wintertime weather is cold, and the bat can’t find any food, neither can it be warm. Do you think that there would be mosquitoes, the bat’s food, when it’s snowing? Of course, you shouldn’t! The bat freezes on the outside, and it gets the fungus of the white-nose syndrome goes on it, and the bat starves to death, and it freezes to death. That’s why we should get bat houses. It can protect the bats from freezing.

                         How can we help?

Bat houses help. It gives bats a different place to live. If the bat lived in a tree, and someone cut that tree down because of deforestation, we can give them a better chance of not dying out.

                          More about Bats

  1. Bats are the world’s only flying mammal.
  2. Bats pollinate crops.
  3. Bats eat bugs that harm crops.
  4. Bats don’t have rabies. Actually, there are very few bats that do.
  5. Bats don’t live in hair.
  6. Bats don’t suck blood. Only vampire bats do.
  7. Bats don’t harm people. Vampire bats only harm the things that they drink blood from, which does not include people.
  8. There’s no reason to be afraid of bats.                         A Clear Summary of Bats

Bats. the world’s only flying mammal species, are endangered because of white-nose syndrome. We can build bat houses to help save them, because they do very good things for people. I don’t think that we should be afraid of bats, because they don’t harm people. A way that we can help bats, is, we can make bats some bat houses.


Bats use something called echolocation. This is when bats are flying around in the night, and they want to catch food. They make a high-pitched noise that’s above our hearing range. That noise bounces off of a moth or mosquito. It can tell the bat what speed the thing is going, if it’s even moving at all, and what it looks like. The bat’s echo can bounce back to the bat. Echolocation is called echolocation because the bat echoes, to find the location of food. Bats really aren’t blind. Bats can actually see pretty good! Bats just can’t really see good in the nighttime, when they are awake, because usually bats aren’t awake in the daytime-because bats are nocturnal.

                    Why should I build bat houses?

I think you should help save bats by building bat houses because bats can help pollinate crops. Bats can also get sick with WNS, aka White-Nose Syndrome. If bats can get a home, they can probably not get sick. It’s also, for me, okay if a bat wants to live in my house.


Lots of people just aren’t really convinced yet, of why we should help bats. But here’s what they think:


Myth: Bats always get tangled in human hair.

Fact: Bats do not become entangled in human hair deliberately, though they may dive for flying insects near a person’s head.


Myth: All bats bite and carry rabies and diseases.  

Fact: Not all bats bite and carry diseases. Bats seldom transmit disease to other animals or humans, but bats are wild animals and should not be disturbed, in case they are carrying certain diseases.


Myth: All bats drink blood.

Fact: The bats of Newfoundland and Labrador do not feed on the blood of people or animals. The little brown bat is a harmless insect eater. With the exception of the tropical Vampire bat (not found in Canada), most bats feed on insects or fruit. Soon an anticoagulant (a substance that hinders the clotting of blood) found in the saliva of the vampire bat may be used to treat heart patients.

(These myths are located at this website: )


                            Help bats!

Please help bats! These reasons are why you should help to build bat houses and save our bats!

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