What Are Your Favorite Animals And Birds And Why

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  1. Dear Ash,
    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I came back to comment on your blog. I really like your blog because you can add thigns to your posts it’s so interative. I really like your ferret and the panda. My favorite one is squeaky. My favorite birds are the blue jays and the mountain blue bird. My favorite animal is unicorns, dogs, fox, tiger, and cheetah. Please come back and visit my blog @ http://hmsjena.edublogs.org

  2. Hi Ash I am Nafiz from Hayes Park School.You have an amazing blog page.
    please can you visit my page http://hayesparkblogs.net/year52017/2017/01/24/hello-guys-it-is-nafiz/.
    Thank you.

  3. my favourite movies are spiderman movies my favourite character is spiderman

  4. My favourite bird is a cockatoo. As I like the Mohawk on there heads.

  5. Hi Ash! Personally, my favorite bird is a Chestnut-headed bee-eater, because of it’s lovely, bright colours. Please may you comment on my post at: http://hayesparkblogs.net/year52017/2017/01/20/hello-im-iman/ Thank you!

  6. Hi ash! my favorite animal is a dolphin because when i went to Florida when i was in kindergarten my mom took my and my brother to Clearwater Aquarium i saw Winter the dolphin and i loved dolphins ever since 🙂

  7. To: My BFFFFFF = Wynn x infinity = Wynn
    From: Your BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF otter Luckie
    Subject: (Cool) Kewl

    Hi Wynn that is cool. Did you see Hope when you were there or the time you went there on the 1st day of summer after 3rd grade? P.S. I’m gonna go to your blog after this. Please comment again soon.

  8. My favorite animal is a panda!

  9. Hi Ash,
    I’m Shawn from http://shawnonlineb.edublogs.org/ Montreal!
    My favorite animal is the arctic fox because it is so cute, and my favorite bird is the snowy owl, because it is really cool, and has beautiful feathers.
    Have a nice day! Bye!

  10. Hi Shawn.
    Arctic foxes rock! I have a figurine of one and it is a Animal Jam toy. I like the snowy owl too! Have a nice day! ~Ash

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