What are your favorite colors? You can have more than one.

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  1. Abdulrahman,Qatar International School

    Hello,I am Abdulrahman from Qatar Inetrnational School and I really liked your awesome blog about favourite colours blog.My favourite colour is Blue because
    its the colour of the sky and I love the sky

    Maybe next time you could describe the colour a little more

  2. Dear Ash,
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, so now I’m here to comment on your blog. My favorite color is light blue and mint green. I really like mint green because it just reminds me of everything (really) and I like list blue because it reminds me of my childhood. Come and check out my blog again @ http://hmsjena.edublogs.org

  3. Dear Ash,
    I also really like how you made this post so you could kind of like edit it that is so cool. if it is possible could you please teach me how to do it. This is my blog again http://hmsjena.edublogs.org

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