I think that you should read Bridge to Terabithia.

I think that you should read Bridge to Terabithia because it is about a kid named Jess arons. Jess was practicing to be the fastes kid at school. Later on a girl named Leslie Burke moves into town. The guys at Jesses school have races at resses and Leslie joined and beat them.  Later on Jess and Leslie are best friends and do everything together.

After a long time a 8 grade girl Janice Avery was rude and mean so they did a dirty joke on her and laughed at her. Then the 2 best friends make a place called Terabithia. After that they celebrate holidays and Jess gave Leslie a puppy. Then Jess went to a museum with a teacher and when he was with the teacher a real bad thing happened. Leslie dies because a rope brakes over a river. so then Jess goes through stages of grief. So then Jesses littel sisster folowed him and almost fell in the river so he caught her and saved her life. Last he bulit a bridge to terabithia and passed it down to May Bell

The weird fariy tail

Hello there, I am going to tell you a story with a weird ending. It is called the big good wolf.It all happened when the 3 little pigs wanted to be friends with the big bad wolf. Witch is weird because the wolf was planning to eat it. So the wolf overheard and said to himself that he will play along and then eat them. So the pigs were looking for the wolf and found him. They invited the wolf for dinner and he said yes so the met at 6 o’clock to have dinner. Next they all sat down and the tabel the wolf asked what is for dinner not us said the 3 pigs It is the chicken.  They asked you ready to eat he said any time. But the pigs said that he has to be good and be friends we him and others so he promised and then they were friends. He was a big good wolf now. Thanks for reading.


My character Emma

My character got married oct 22,2015. And her name is Emma.She is a girl that lives in Virginia. She has lots of friends. And is 22 she has 13 siblings. Likes to take walk with her dog. And the dogs name is diamond. She is a beautiful dog. So is Emma. And she works at the emt which stands for Emergency medical technician. She saves lives but one day she got really sick….. And had to go to the hospital!!!!!!!!

“her boss said to her that she may no longer work at the EMT. 🙁  “

she got better but she needed a job. A bakery needed helpers so she joined and the bakery and her husband and family was happy for her. 🙂

“The boss at the bakry said that she is welcomed to work at the bakey.”

“ And Emma made food and she gave some of the food to the poor people a good amount of people came in the morning and came in and she gave them food and help them live like the EMT.”

She remembered the EMT and she called and asked have they were doing they said that they were doing fine she said.

“Can I join you and save lives again.”

“That it would be nice to come and work again and save lives.”

“They said that there is always a spot for her.”

“The boss said that she did good and the boss gave courage to do a good job.”

And her family was happy that she got a job and made her                     a surprise party!!              

“She said you guys are the best in the world and the only ones that I love the most thanks for the party.”

“The world was good to save lives again so she said to  the EMT that this is a good job.”

“That it would be nice to come and work again and save lives.”

She joined the job and the bakery said if something happens you are welcomed to work here again.

“ And I felt special for the 2 jobs letting me work and I said           

                 thank you”

the life of a raindrop.

 The life of a raindrop.

                   By Rebecca

A life of a raindrop could be inside the water.Or it could go through a pipe or something else. It starts as a raindrop and then if it has to much water it will rain into a river, lake, ground, sewer and more. But when it is hot outside the water evaporates it turns into a cloud and then it gets to much water

And then it rains or precipitation it depends on the weather and repeats like a cycle.

My study plan


BY Rebecca gortman

How do I start a study plan for pssa? Do you know how to start a study plan for pssa? I think you do. I have a way to do a study plan for pssa, and I will help you get a way to do it.   

First, I will study vocab like making a study book and practice it everyday. Or, I will make a board game and play with as many friends as you want. Or I’ll make flash cards or a card game to study with a friend or to play by yourself. It’s your choice.

The second, reason was to know how to write on a computer to get all keys correct and write and write till you nailed it. And you know you will do a great job on the pssa and write big paragraphs to be prepared for pssa.

After that you will do science. If you are in 4th grade, you will get science pssa. You can do experiments and see how the plants act and what they need to live and survive.


Last you can do math and do all those things to learn math and vocab and science and typing and lots more. That is how you

              Rock pssa  and they are coming!!!!!!

the spectacular Garden

Name Rebecca


Title: a spectacular Garden

How nice would it feel to learn outdoors instead of sitting in the big boring classroom that has 4 walls instead of fresh air? In my decision, I hope students would like this opportunity to go outside and have fresh air In other words, I think kids would enjoy the opportunity to have class outside,safe, secure location and for teachers and students to be happy. The garden would provide a peaceful, beautiful place, surrounded by Pennsylvania trees, shrubs,and lots of flowers. Students could learn outside on their classwork at perfectly placed picnic tables and so.We be in the warm weather and not wind and can do in great condition.
The location of this garden makes a great place for student safety, protection, and a relaxed place for trusted learning environment. The location would be between the sixth and fourth grade space and the two grades can share that space with 4 grad. This is a large area that could be secured for student safety by constructing a big gates that can be locked by a coded lock. This would
prevent intruders from destroying the student learning space, and garden and would give a safe place for student learning. The garden design would be designed so that the exterior doors could still be used for fire drills and if the day is a good day we can go and take a good breath outside.

The first thing i’m going to use is a weeping cherry tree the tree can be a shade in the garden and it will be a shade for kids and the picnic tables where they can sit and do their work and the Next their will be flowers and more.A teacher table and a umbrella for teachers outside, so teachers can see us and be in a shade and not be hot. 6th and 4th can share the place and there will be a vegetable garden so we know how to act to plants and how they react. We will learn how they live and work And I think this will work for the garden and here it is and it is good

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