May 5

The Census

The Census is this thing that the government does every 10 years. It is required by the U.S. Constitution. They go door to door for it, send letters in the mail, etc. So, what is the Census? It’s when the government counts every person in the United States. It’s pretty important.

A few times in the past the government missed the counting of children 5 and under, so they’ve made sure to get to all the families of those small children.

It also comes in use when a natural disaster strikes. According to the Newsela article, The Census, “Census data can alert officials that an area has a large number of Spanish speakers. Such information may help emergency teams better communicate with local people.” The Census literally helps saves lives.

But should the government conduct one more often? Some think that having one every year would be more beneficial because a lot can happen in just 52 weeks, let alone an entire decade. Others think that a decade is long enough. I believe that we should do one every 5 years. It’s right in between. A lot can happen in 10 years, and I think that that is too much time. 1 year is too little time, and that would be a burden on the government. But 5 years is right there.

In conclusion, that wraps up my views on the Census. I hope this makes you think about it too.

April 17

Helping your neighbors

It’s day 35 of quarantine. People are going mad for certain supplies such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc. People need to get to the stores for these supplies, and supplies that are essential to them. Some people are not able to do so, maybe such as your neighbors. They may need yard work done but aren’t able to do so. But you can help with that, while still maintaining a 6 feet apart distance from one another. Maybe your neighbors need their lawn mowed. Mow their lawn. Maybe your neighbors need toilet paper. Give them a few rolls of that. Maybe your neighbors need their pool cleaned. Clean their pool. These are all examples of what you can do to help this situation. By helping one another, we can get through this together.

March 12

Acadia National Park

If you are looking for an entertaining stay with much to do, Acadia National Park located in Bar Harbor, Maine, is the ideal choice. Ranging from rocky beaches to mountains, it’s the perfect place to go.


Days and hours of operation- To the visitor’s benefits, Acadia National Park is open 24/7, operating every hour of every day of the year. However, Park Loop Road, Cadillac Mountain Road, and all unpaved roads are closed during winter due to Maine’s unfortunate cold weather. 


Parking- However, some roads are opened for parking during warm weather. Park Loop Road, Route 22, Cadillac Summit Road, and other places such as Echo Lake, Acadia Mountain, Sand Beach, etc. are available.


Park Passes- None of this would be useful if you weren’t to use it, right? If you’re looking to get into Acadia National Park and see the breathtaking sights it has to offer, you must purchase a park pass, and have it placed somewhere in your vehicle so the park officials can see it. Otherwise, you will get a ticket. 

Where do I get my park pass?- You can purchase a park pass from May to October at a gift shop located in the park, online, or a contact station. Where are these located? Mules Cove Visitor Center, Sand Beach Entrance Station, Bar Harbor Village Green, Thompsan Island Information Center, Blackwoods Campground, Schoodic woods Campground, etc.  

  How much do park passes cost? Are there different kinds of passes?-

You can purchase a Weekly, Annual, or Lifetime pass. There are a variety of passes you can purchase. They include:

Private Vehicle– $30- Capacity- 15 people or less- Weekly pass


Motorcycle– $25- Weekly pass


Per Person (like a normal human with a normal car)– $15- 15 years old and younger are free


Acadia Annual Pass– $55- pass holder and their vehicle- 12 months


The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass Series

*These passes are good for entrance to all federal recreation lands, including Acadia National Park

Interagency Annual Pass– $30- 12 months


Annual Senior Pass– $20- 62 years or older- Lifetime


Lifetime Senior Pass– $80- 62 years or older- Lifetime


Interagency Annual- Military Pass: $0

*This is a free pass for active-duty U.S. military personnel and their dependents, with valid documentation (CAC Card or DD Form 1173).

Interagency Annual Volunteer Pass: $0                                                                      *This pass is for volunteers acquiring 250 service hours on a cumulative basis.

Every Kid Outdoors 4th Grade Pass: $0

*This is a free pass for U.S. 4th grade students. Please visit for instructions on how to obtain the voucher required to exchange for the pass. This pass is valid for 12 months beginning September of the year the student begins 4th grade and valid until the following August.

What to wear– While visiting Acadia National Park, be sure to dress in the appropriate attire to accommodate the weather. 

Summer- t-shirt, shorts or capris, and a hoodie or sweater for the evening

Fall– Leggings or jeans, sweatshirt, beanie, light jacket

Winter– Heavy coat, layers, gloves, beanie

Spring– t-shirt, shorts or capris, and a hoodie or sweater for the evening


Things to bring- I would recommend bringing some items for entertainment, and for your experience to be more enjoyable. My recommended items to bring are a bathing suit for the summer, a camera, a water bottle, hiking shoes/sneakers, lunch to eat, etc. If you aren’t fond of packing a lunch, you can order at a local restaurant such as Jordan Pond House, or Burning Tree Restaurant.


Must see/do– While there, be sure to take a drive up Cadillac Mountain, Hike the trails, go to Thunderhole, swim and hang out at Sand Beach, (the water is 50 degrees in the summer), explore tide pools, Drive up the 27-mile tour of the park on Park Loop Road, etc. 


Amount of time needed– The average stay is 3-4 days, but if you are planning to go to the surrounding villages or Schoodic Peninsula section, it can be longer.


In conclusion, Acadia National Park is the ideal vacation choice. Ranging from rocky beaches to mountains, it’s the perfect place to go. Make sure to visit Acadia National Parks website for more information.

May 15

All About Me

Hey, you’ve found my blog! My name is Haylie. I was born in December 2007 and I have 3 siblings, and 2 dogs, named Linus(10 yrs) and Luna(6 months). Luna knows how to do tricks like sit, stay, and she can dance too! Ok. Now about more about me. I have super dark brown eyeballs and dirty-blond hair. My favorite colors are orange,( orange is my fav) black, teal, red, gold, blue, and light gray. My favorite animals would have to be dogs, and all other animals. I really like my school and I have great friends. I can’t get into speficics or names or whatever but they are really, really great friends.I have such a fun time playing outside, and my favorite thing to do at recess is spin around until I get dizzy, then try to walk around! Oh and my favorite types of dogs are Rottweilers, Welsh Corgis, Chinooks, and Border Collies. Anyways, here is some other facts about me: 1.I used to live in North Carolina, and South Carolina. 2.My dad is a Marine, and he was a active Marine for about 8 years. My dad went to many places, like Afghanistan and Iraq, but the coolest thing is that he lived in Japan for 2 years! 3. I know a lot about dog’s, and other animals too! That’s why I want to be a vet why I am older! (go check out my post called “my dream career) I also would like to rescue exotic and domestic animals for a job too! 4. I really like playing call of duty, and a lot of other games. 5. I have a lot of sport supplies, like a gaga ball pit, and pool with a diving board, roller blades, ice skates, 3 bikes, and A LOT MORE.  6. The second thing I know a lot about is space. I think space is really mysterious and interesting, and I just love learning more about it! Thanks for reading my All About Me!

May 15


My name is Zara. I’m not really that normal. My mom and dad split up a while ago,…but I still see both of them equally. I have 4 other siblings. Conor is the oldest, and he’s 19. Sav is the 2nd oldest, and he’s 18. Then my 3rd oldest siblings names are Mitch and Charles, and they are both 15. Then there’s me. I’m 11. Me and Sav both live with my dad, and Mitch and Charles live with my mom. Conor says he wants to be a Surgeon, so he’s going to The Medical University of South Carolina.  Since we live in Montana, it’s going to take him a while to get there. He can’t afford to get a plane ticket, and my mom said she won’t give him money because she doesn’t want him in a plane. And my dad,…well, he said that Conor could have 32 hours to himself. So now Conor’s going to the Car Shop to fix up his car, and I’m sitting here, in my creaky bed, writing this.


                                                  May 11th


So Conor is leaving in a couple of hours,…and my dad dropped me off over here at my moms house. I’m staying here for a couple of weeks. Anyways, Conor’s here to chat and say goodbye, Sav is on a date and he’s not here, and Mitch and Charles are with my dad to go fishing, and horse riding.



“Come down for Breakfast!”

“Ok, coming!”

That was my mom. She doesn’t really talk about how her and my dad split up. She doesn’t really talk about him at all. Same with my dad. But they both aren’t weird when they see eachother or anything. They act like friends, sort of. They talk about work, but don’t really get into details. They talk about how me and my siblings are doing,(and what we’re doing), and they talk about which kid or kids are going to stay with them. I mean yeah, it’s sort of awkward sometimes, but overall it’s fairly normal between all of us.


“Sorry, coming!”

I gotta go and eat. If anything happens I guess I’ll write about it in this book.

                                           2 hours later


So basically after I ate breakfast, this dude came up in my moms driveway. He knocked on the door, and then my mom opened the door and they had a conversation. And this is what they said;


“Hi Lacy.”

“Oh hi Jack! You’re welcome to come in!”

“I’m good. I just want to talk to you.”

“Is it about what happend at work?”

“No, it’s about what happend at-”



March 21

Not Like The Others: DIG DEEPER


Here is all of my siblings and their gender:

Ginger(girl), Buffy(girl), Freo,(boy) Lulu(girl), Suzy(girl), Jimmy(boy), and Pilot(boy).

Here are their characteristics:

Ginger=Sassy/Bossy/diva. Buffy=Causes Fights. Freo=RUDE. Lulu=Bossy/sassy/diva. Suzy=sporty. Jimmy=quiet/shy. Pilot=lazy. But they have some “stuff” to say:


Ginger: Oh my! I am not sassy, or bossy. I just like say like “give me that now like you have to listen to me so yeah”. And I am the queen I get all the treats. But so does my sister Lulu, like, we’re like, the perfect match. And we rule our doggie house so everybody else better stay out of the way, or else they have to sleep outside, because I’ll take their bed.


Buffy: I do NOT cause fights! I just bite everybody when they take my toy, sleep in my bed, and just do anything they’re not supposed to.  And if people are annoying I growl at them and tackle them! How is that causing fights?! Tell me. TELL ME! 


Freo: Oh my gosh. Why are you guys talking about me that I’m rude?! You guys are so rude. And I’m not rude. I am just honest. Like take Duff for example; He has the worst color fur I have EVER seen, so I just tell him that. And we’re supposed to be honest so, how is that bad? Just go back to chewing your bones dogs!


Lulu: I am the QUEEN. You go get me some treats or I’ll eat all of yours. I need all the latest fashion, and you have to get it for me. And guys, I am not bossy, sassy, OR a diva! At least I’m not rude like Freo! He never says thank you. You’re supposed to say, “Go get me that NOW,” and “Thank you”. Did anybody like, not learn that?! Well, my sister, Ginger did. I basically share the throne with her,  but I have more power.


Suzy: NONE of my siblings play! Let’s go play with a ball and rope and everything in the house! Let’s go on a walk like COME ON!! I always am always chasing something, chewing something, and swimming. But barely my siblings do it! But I don’t really care because my dad does it with me so HA guys! You should’ve came out and played!


Jimmy: Just don’t talk to me let me talk to mr.turtle. And guys, uhh, tell Suzy to stop being so loud. She always wakes me up at 6:00am, and I uhh, need my rest. Pilot knows what I mean…but he’s lazy and I’m uhh, shy. So uhh, Ima go now.


Pilot: Yeah hey bring my food to me bed. Wake me up at 3:30pm. And I’m not going on w’walks. ZzzzzzzzzZZzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzZzzz.