March 1

Evan friedel Garden

Name Evan Friedel
Date 2/19/18

Title: Evan`s Garden

I think we should have my garden because.
the students can go outside and see all of the different kinds of plants. In my garden I have 2 trees and we have a bridge so we can get over the stream .There will be flowers and there will be picnic tables, so they can write about the different kinds of plants so they can study them. The teachers can make a lesson outside and they teach us. We will have some shrubs a small stream so you can water the plants. We will have a fence so the intruders can’t get into the school garden.

The location of the garden is right out of Mrs.Henssler`s Classroom door.If a intruder tries to get in that way than we can go in the school.
That is my garden IDEA. I think it will be a good idea.

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