One of my most important, and favorite family members is my mom. My is literally the best mom you could EVER ask for… and I’m being serious. My mom is independent (in a good way), loving to all, smart ( EXTREMELY ), wise, charming, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and so much more.

Some memories I have with my mom is going to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. If you don’t know what Trans-Siberian Orchestra is, it is a band that goes all around the world doing tours of their music. The instruments they use are violins, cellos, violas, guitars, drums, keyboards, bass and most of all vocals ( just people singing ). Here is a video of them playing their most famous song. Carol of the Bells I know that this video isn’t the best quality, but I tried to get a video of them actually performing so you would know how AWESOME it was.

Some other memories I have with my mom is moving. When I say moving I mean moving houses. In around 2013- 2014 my parents got divorced. I know, I know, ” You poor thing. I feel so bad.”. You don’t need to. Honestly it’s kind of fun, because I get two of everything. Two Christmases, two Easters, two Thanksgivings, etc. But ever since then I have moved 4, technically 5 times. In all of my 11 years of life so far, I have lived in 8 houses. That’s a lot! But every time we moved since they divorced my mom always moved everything. All of the boxes, and furniture, and TV’s, etc. She always, no matter the circumstances, proved to me that she is strong, determined, hardworking, and has a lot of patience.

One final, and really great, memory I have with my mom is going to Disney World. Surprisingly I have been to Disney World 3 times ! The most recent time was really fun. It was in February of 2016… right around my sister and I’s birthday. It was also right around the time when my grandparents go to Florida. They go every year. It was also the day of our Valentine’s Day party at school. My mom had told me that we were going to the dentist. I was REALLY upset. I kept saying that you can go to the dentist twice a year, but you can only celebrate Valentine’s Day once a year. My mom was also picking up my sister. When we were in the lobby of my school she gave me a note, and got out her phone to take a video. I read the note aloud. It said something like, ” Turns out you’re not going to the dentist. Instead I thought it would be more fun to go visit Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop down in Florida, and visit Disney World ! Happy Birthday !” I started crying happy tears and laughing. My sister fell to the ground crying saying, ” I don’t want to go that far.” Then my mom said, ” But you’re going to get to go to Disney World.” Then she started to laugh. My mom then said,” Were leaving right now.” My sister and I bolted out the door as fast as could be, and hopped in the car and said, ” We’re ready !” It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. We went to every single part of Disney World. Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and more. One of my mom’s friends even came down to stay with us for a day. It was so great.

Some traits that my mom has that I would like to have myself when I’m older is to be patient. Whenever my sister, and I give my mom a hard time she is always persevering with us. I would also like to be loving, and caring. My mom is always taking care of my sister and I, yet some how finding time to still do things for herself. I would love to be just as smart as my mom too. My mom works in financing at a cheese company. Financing is when you deal with a lot of money. She has to count up the number of orders that other people want, and how much it will cost in all. She also has to take care of how much the cheese should be priced. If she messes up then she would get in BIG trouble by her boss, because one little mistake can alter everything, and anything, in the company. I would also like to be just as funny as my mom. My mom is HILARIOUS. Whenever I am feeling down she always cheers me up by making me laugh. I would also like to be just as charming as my mom. Whenever somebody meets my mom they always remember her. Actually the man who runs my school district was my mom’s Tech Ed teacher. One time he came into my school to talk about what he does, and I said, ” Do you remember my mom ? You were her Tech Ed teacher.” He responded, “Oh, yeah. Your… Liz’s daughter.” ( My mom’s name is Liz… obviously.) I guess my mom, and I look a lot a like too.

My mom is the best most caring, funny, charming, beautiful, smartest, independent, wise and supercalifragilisticexpialidociousperson you will ever meet. I love my mom so much it’s unbelievable. I know that she loves me even more. Comment some traits your mom has that you want to have and memories you have with her down below. Happy Blogging !

8 thoughts on “Family

    1. I’m getting tears too ! Actually you inspire me every minute of my life. Which is exactly why I wrote this post about you. I love you so much !

  1. It gives me such joy that you appreciate your wonderful mother and how hard she works to make your life happy and healthy.
    I also had an especially close relationship with my mother. One of the greatest memories I have of her is how special Christmas was for her; how she worked so hard to make it special for me and my brother and sisters.
    Hope you continue to share your ideas, thoughts and reasoning with us.

    1. Thank you Mom-Mom for commenting on my blog ! I think that it is great that you can remember the greatest memory you had with your mom. I know that my mom works just as hard as your mom did for her children and family members. Come again soon ! Happy Blogging !

  2. Wow! You’re mom sounds so great! You are blessed to have such a well rounded person to guide you and be your “I’ll like you forever, I’ll love you for always. As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.” That’s from a children book I read to my children.

    1. Hi again Aunt Amy. Thank you for commenting on my blog again. My mom really is a great person… I mean you would know.😉I like that quote that you included from that children’s book. What was the name of the book ? Anyways, thanks again for commenting on my blog ! Happy Blogging !

  3. Your mom sounds like an awesome mom! It is always nice to hear when our children think we are amazing! I am sure you will get some great traits from her!

    1. Hi Mrs. Carl. Thank you for commenting on my blog. My mom really is amazing, as I’m sure you are too. I bet it really is amazing when you hear that your children look up to you. I hope I will get great traits from my mom when I am older. Happy Blogging !

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