My Fall Traditions

Some of my fall traditions are going to, or hosting, a Thanksgiving party. Most of the time we go to one, but sometimes my family hosts one. When we host, or go, to a Thanksgiving party obviously there is always turkey. Some other foods that are at the party, no matter where it is, are corn bake, Mac and Cheese, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce (eww), corn, cranberry salad, cheesecake, cookies, and all sorts of chips. Another fall tradition that my family does is we always watch the Halloween parade. Since we are at the very beginning of the parade we get a buttload of candy. We also always watch movies, and sit outside in the cold, fresh, breeze with our blankets, sweaters, jeans, boots, and scarves. Another thing we do is we LOVE drinking Junior Mint hot chocolate. The final, and my favorite, tradition that my family does is raking leaves. This is definitely my favorite tradition because it is a good way to get a workout, and we can jump in the leaves. Comment some of your fall traditions. Happy Blogging !

2 thoughts on “My Fall Traditions

  1. Hi Abby. I do Thanksgiving too! Well, it’s not really a party. It’s too bad you don’t like cranberry sauce, that is my favorite part of the thanksgiving meal. The Halloween parade sounds really fun! I can’t go because it is too far away. Anyway, your blog is super cool. Please visit my blog at when you get the chance. Byeeee!

  2. Hey Gracie. Thank you so much for commenting. You are the first person to comment on any post in a VERY long time. It’s cool that you like the cranberry sauce, because I know a lot of people that don’t. Also the Halloween parade is really fun, but it’s only in Terre Hill. So maybe you could come this year. I am also going to comment on your blog right now. Byeeeee!

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