How-To Make A Notebook (For Boys and Girls)

If you want to make an awesome and totally cute notebook then you have come to the right place. This how-to is definitely not just for girls. There are so many options on how to customize this notebook. To make this notebook you will obviously need a notebook. Now I know there are so many notebooks in this world, so any notebook will do. But you will also need some duct tape, any color is fine, and some letter stickers and some pretty big stickers. When I say “some pretty big stickers” I mean just some big stickers that you would want to put on a daily notebook.

The first step is to take your duct tape and place it over the cover horizontally so that it will cover about 2 inches in width of the notebook. When you are doing this if you have some extra tape you can either cut it off or just fold one end under the cover. With the extra tape on the other end you could just fold it around the fold of the book. Also when you are doing this it might not turn out completely straight so to fix this you could just take a ruler and measure out where the tape should go.

The second step is to take your customized stickers, not your letter stickers, and put them however you would like onto your notebook. Then with your letter stickers you could stick on your name, or write a little message along the side of the book. Once you have done all of this you are finished and now have an awesome notebook.


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