Blog Challenge #3, Activity #5

        letter-1057951_640 puppy-1207816_1280 hello-1502386_640       cupcakes-925826_640

when you look at these pictures what sentence do you think it stands for ? If you want to take a guess comment down below on what you think it means. Although remember that it is only one sentence.

I got my pictures from pixabay

2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge #3, Activity #5

  1. Dear Abby,

    Let me take a guess! You like the letter I, you like puppies, you like to show the world that who you are, and you like cupcakes! Even I like cupcakes! Don’t forget o visit my blog! Below is the link:

  2. Hi Anisha ! Thanks for guessing. Although I don’t think what you said was quite one sentence. I will tell you what it means on your newest post on your blog. (By the way I still love cupcakes.) Happy Blogging !?

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