Current Events Post: Storks the Movie


Storks deliver babies… at least they used to. Now they deliver all sorts of packages. When one stork Junior, activates the baby making lever. The machine makes one adorable baby that they can’t refuse to deliver. On this crazy, exciting, funny, and family-loving adventure. The storks are back.

I chose to write about this new movie, because I love to watch movies that aren’t like a remake of some original movie. For example remakes of Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, etc. To be honest I have never heard, or seen a movie that is about something from the past that is and looks entertaining. Another reason why I chose to write about this movie is , because I like to learn about how directors make animated movies. I also love how animated movies are made. Drawing all the pictures by hand ! WOW !

So I hope that I get to see this movie very soon. It looks like a great family movie. I can’t wait to see it !

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