Grinch letter!

Decorating the Christmas tree is awesome and fun.Grinch you can put on the lights on your Christmas tree. Then hang put the ornaments on your Christmas tree. Then you put on the Angel on top of your Christmas tree. When your done looks pretty.   


Making Christmas cookies is creative and yummy. First roll the dough out. Then get out the cookie cutter and out the dough out. Then bake the cookies. When the cookies are done and cool then you can decorate them and you can taste them and see how your food turned out


Giving presents is nice and joyful. First go shopping and get present’s. Then go home and rape the present’s. When your done rapeing the presents then give the. Giving presents makes you feel good inside and it’s nice.


Mr.Grinch you should not dump the toys and you should love Christmas.


From. Adreanna Fisher.

Save the bats!!!


You may think bats are scary but there not what you think. Did you know that,bats play a very important role in the environment and will be a positive impact on the community. Many of those beliefs are not ture, there false.They benefit our town.Bat houses are very easy and not expensive to build.


One of the myth is that vampire bats suck your blood.This is a myth.Bats actually drink blood from livestock.The second myth is they get tangled in your hair.It is not true they are just trying to get the bug that are biting you.The last myth is they have rabies, that is rarely. And if a bat does, it wont bite you.


The 1st benefits of bats is that they reduce the needs of pesticides.the reason why is because they can kill bugs.the 2ed reason is they pollinate plants.the reason why is because it will be easier to have more plants because of these pollinators.The 3rd reason is that the kill bugs.How many of you would like to be eaten alive by mosquitos?bats will help you. They will eat the mosquitos that are trying to eat you.


Building bat houses is important because, 1st.some bats need a home.bat houses are easy to build and don’t cost much at all.2ed.They have done so many things for everyone and everything.3rd.Since they have done so many things for use than we should do something back for  them.(not something mean).


I hope you understand how important bats are to our community.I hope you will build a bat house.I hope after reading this that you don’t believe the myths that aren’t real.

If you are a kid and need help to build, than ask an adult for help.Remember bats play a very important role in our community.

My Commercial Script!

How would you feel if you just found out that you had cancer or diabetes. Well tons of people have diabetes or cancer. Did you know that 95% of people have health problems? That’s a lot! Goal 3 talks about how we are supposed to take care of our body. Hi i’m Adreanna Fisher and that’s why I am hear. The 2 main things I am doing on goal three is cancer and diabetes. Cancer is a bad diseases. Cancer can start at any place in the body. It starts when cells grow out of control and crowd out normal cells. This makes it hard for the body to work the way it should. Diabetes is a diseases that when your insulin bag doesn’t work at all.its very important that you take care of your body, because if you don’t your body will malfunktion. Did you know that more than 609,640 people die each day in 2018 from Cancer and that 1.6 million have died from diabetes in 2018. This goal is very important to me because my Grandpa and my dads girlfriend have diabetes and my popo(great grandpa) has cancer and I want to help them. I am going to start a organization called : GHAWB Organization which stands for( good health and well being organization). I’m going to make T-shirts, hats, caps, scarves and mittens with that logo. I will sell those things and when I get enough money to Cancer Support Community for cancer and American Diabetes Association so they can find a cure for diabetes and cancer. My product that I’m going to bring inis a T-shirt .I have hope you learned a lot and hope you help. Remember to take care of your body.

All About Gandhi

Gandhi’s a nonviolent peaceful indian who wanted change the unfair laws for the indians. In this essay I will tell you some of the peaceful thing Gandhi did.


The salt march happen in 1930. Gandhi and 79 people traveled 241 miles to the sea. More people joined them on their way. When they arrived, Gandhi picked up a hand full of sand. When he did the other realized that what the british were doing were not right and the wanted to stop the british from paying extra taxes


The untouchables a very poor people who have no homes, no food, no water, no jobs, and no money. Nobody ever wanted to help them. People always tuned them down. One day the untouchables ask Gandhi to stay at his house, he said : yes you may stay at my house as long as you be nice to my family. You may stay at my house as long as you need.


Gandhi is  still important to this very day. He inspires people to be kind to others and not fight. The most important thing of all is that he never gave up.


Did you know that a cats is a woman’s best friend, just like a dog is a man’s best friend.Come to think of it you would never think a cat would be anyone’s best friend.Well if you think that you are wrong.Cats are best friends with people and that’s a fact!I love cats so much!RomeoCreative Commons License Florian Holzapfel via Compfight

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