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My Favorite place to go

Did you ever want to have the best time of your life well then go to knoebels.  Knoebels has a lot of fun things to do they have games rides places to eat and gift shops. The rides that are the best are The Twister The Twister is the best because its a roller coaster and it goes fast and another ride is the round up the round up goes really fast and if people dont like fast rides they have some slower rides too. Some of they games they have is a bolling ball one you can win a lot of prizes there  so if you want to have the best time of your life go to Knoebels

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Favorite season

My favorite season is fall there is many reasons that i like fall for the first one is halloween. I like halloween because you can go trick or treating. the other reason i like fall is because the leaves start to change color. The other reason i like fall because it starts to get a little colder but not to cold. I also like fall because i get to pick pumpkins and put them outside my house. That’s why fall is my favorite season.

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Hello world!

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