The book that i’m reading is “Pictures of Hollis Woods”

I’m on page 20 Chapter 2. Whats happening in the book right now is Hollis is talking about a kid named Steven. Steven is a part of the Regan Family. They were on a bus, Hollis didn’t like riding the bus because she felt sick. They got off of the bus and into the diner. Steven wanted to beat Hollis in a chess game, on a table. I like this book because it felt like I was there with Hollis and all of the other characters.

My book entry Fourmile! :D

The book that I read is Fourmile. The author is Watt Key. That is one of my favorite books of all time! The book is about a kid named Foster who lives with his mother, and she is dating a man named Dax. Ever since the dad died the truck, and barn have been a mess. Foster has a dog named Joe. He found Joe in the woods all by himself. Foster is my favorite character because, he is brave, strong, and Unique. That is the book that i read. If you like action, mystery type books, then I suggest Fourmile by Watt Key!

My Goals For Writing! :O)

My goals for writing are working on my cursive and regular writing. Sometimes when we only have like 3 minutes to write, I rush it and it comes out a little sloppy, but easy enough to read. And whenever I’m working on my cursive for more than 6 minutes my hand starts to cramp, and whenever you press down a little hard for writing your hand starts to hurt. I’m trying not to do that anymore. What are your goals?

Free Write Friday : Summer’s almost here!

I am so happy! OK , as you know in my last post I wrote about ” What I’m going to do in the summer”. Well Summer is really really close and I’m just so excited! And really soon it’s going to be my best friends birthday. And she didn’t tell me what she going to do for her birthday, but it’s OK. Pretty soon I’m going to get her a present. OK, now back to summer. And also my birthday coming up,it’s  July 5th. And it’s just going to be so fun!  OK, I’m going to show you my list for summer               My List for summer:    Hershey Park.  Vacation to  grandma’s.  Birthday.  Brother’s birthday

Friday Free Write: I’m so busy this summer!

I’m doing so many things throughout June And July. The things I’m doing in June are on the that we end school witch is the 3rd, the next day I’m going to Hershey park with my cousins, it’s going to be so fun! On the 19th I’m going to  the Jersey shore. And the next day i’m going to see my grandma in Florida. So, I’m going to pack my bags on the 17th through the 18th. For July it’s like a birthday month! On the first it’s my brother’s birthday, on the 4th it’s a very special day!   And, on the 5th it’s MY birthday, And then, there’s father’s day, and some other birthday’s I think… And, i have no idea but, I think my going to get a new pool? I don’t no, I have to ask my mom to get a pool… And I’m just so excited for June and July! Because it’s the summer no school, relaxing time, taking naps, playing, and lots of sleep overs! And, today it’s Friday, and we get to have ice cream, and just for my class we have a dress up day.

Friday Free Write: What I’m going to do over the weekend in the snow!!

Snow is fun! Do you like snow? I’m going to do over the weekend in the snow! I’m going to do is build a snowman. First, I’m going to do is get a lot of snow and roll it up into a big ball. , I’m going to do is roll a medium snowball. Then, I’m going to roll snow into a kinda little snowball well… not that small! After that, I’m going to take all of my stuff off in the basement.. Finally, I’m going to go upstairs in the kitchen and get some nice hot cocoa! And there is a LOT of snow! The snow is past my knees oh my god! You can tell me what your  going to do in the snow. I hope your going to have a lot of in the snow!

What I did over the long Christmas break!

And every time on Christmas day when my mom wakes up she calls every one down stairs, to eat then we all open presents!! It was fun! went to my aunts house and saw my cousin Rebecca and my Uncles. It was so fun! And also I ate turkey, corn, mashed potatoes,and gravy, and a couple of cookies too! And what I did with my cousin Rebecca and my sister we were all playing hide n go seek! it was fun! sadly I didn’t sleepover.  ! It was fun! I love Christmas! Do you guys like Christmas? And tell me about your Christmas because I will love to hear!  I hope you guys had a REALLY fun Christmas! Bye!!!

What I’m thankful for…

The 3 people that I am thankful for is my best friend and my family and pets are named Tug, Lilly, Frito, because they are very important to me and the are special  to me. The two things that I am thankful  for is my house because it keeps me safe and my family safe. The other second thing is my favorite school because school keeps me smart and I like learning English Language Arts because we get to read and reading is fun! The place that I am thankful for is shady maple, because they have my favorite toy horses and my dad works there and he gets a good paycheck. And I hoped you like my paragraph is what I am thankful for bye!!

Plans for thanksgiving

I am going to go for thanksgiving is my aunts house! My aunts house is very nice there, but it takes to long. I don’t very like traveling  to other places like Florida, New Mexico, places like that, Because I don’t like waiting really long, and I get a bunch of headaches. Thanksgiving is very important to me, and it might be very important to you to.