April 26


Hi, my name is Kierra, our group is reading a myth about maui. I will be telling you my opinion on Maui and if he is more good then bad, or if he is more bad than good.


I think that he is more good than bad because he did more good things for the people than bad thing. for example, he lifted the sky up so mankind could walk freely without having to crawl. But there was something that was bad that came out of this. Since Maui pushed up the sky the sun had freedom to move very fast, so the sun was having fun and he was playing a game that he has to run faster every day. So nobody could get their work done.


Another reason I think Maui is more good than bad is because he lifted up the islands so people could live there. but he is not perfect, he is also bad. He is bad because whenever he goes fishing with his brothers, he always tricks his brothers. And he is also bad because he when his brothers had enough of his tricks, they said he can’t go fishing with them. But he wanted to prove himself so he could go. So he turned himself into a beetle so that his brothers couldn’t see him. And he snuck onto the boat. Once he was on the boat, he turned back into himself. So he is not all perfect


I also think that he is good because he snared the sun so that all the people could finish their work in the day, for example, his mother. In the other paragraph i talked about how he made something bad come out of pushing up the sky, the sun always moved very fast. Maui realized that the people had trouble getting their work done. So Maui decided that he would fix that.  His mother gave him fifteen different ropes, and his grandmother gave him a strong war axe and one more strong rope. Then she told him to hide under a tree top at the top of a mountain. She told him that when the sun comes up, Maui has to throw the rope around one of the sun’s legs. And then once the sun’s other legs came up over the mountain, he had to throw the other ropes on it’s legs. Once Maui did all that to the sun, he threatened it with his war axe. The sun was terrified and begged Maui to release him. Maui made a deal with the sun, he said that if he would release the sun, then the sun would have to run slow in the summer so everyone could get their work done, and he could only run very fast when it is winter.


So as you can see Maui did some bad things, and a lot of good things. That is my opinion on Maui.

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