December 28

My Dream Career


My dream career


For my dream career I want to be a painter or a designer. I want to  be a designer because I love designing things and organizing things. For my designing job I would want to get up around 8:00 or 9:00. I would want to be paid a reasonable amount of money like $50-$100 a day.


I want to be a painter because I love to paint and draw.For my painter job I would like to get up at the same time as I want to for my other job, 8:00-9:00. And I would like to be paid the same amount of money to,$50-$100 a day.


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10 thoughts on “My Dream Career

  1. goodbes3

    Hi Kerria!
    Your job sounds really interesting! 😀 And I think you will do SUPER good at being an artist because 1. You already are an artist, and 2. You still have more room to get even better!!! I am excited in the future to get a painting from you!!

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