Work with Adam

I am excited to work with you this year!

I am available in many ways to assist with your technology integration efforts. I can

  • push into classrooms and co-teach topics with a technology aspect/focus
  • introduce and model for teachers and students the use of new digital tools
  • assist teachers (individuals and teams) in planning for the use of technology and can be present at grade level team meetings for informational sessions for teachers
  • work with whole classes and small groups of students during their project work time
  • be flexible and serve teachers in the ways they need!
  • provide before and after-school workshops for teachers to further develop their proficiencies with digital technologies

During the first week of school, Adam will be circulating among buildings to meet and greet staff members and students and get a feel for teachers’ needs. Adam typically visits New Holland ES on Tuesdays, Blue Ball ES on Wednesdays, and Brecknock ES on Thursdays, but can be flexible depending on needs.

To schedule a time for Adam to come to your classroom to work with you and/or your students, please use the contact form below (preferred) and/or email Adam with details

Thank you!

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