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Smart Notebook is available to all Elanco teachers as a download in your Software Center. When you are in the district on the district network, click on your Windows button bottom left, begin to type Software Center, and open Software Center when the icon appears. Smart Notebook should appear as an available download for you. The download may take as long as 30-45 minutes until it is fully installed.

Smart Notebook Resources

Smart Notebook 14 User’s Guide

Smart Notebook tutorials

Create an account on Smart Exchange to find many, many pre-made templates and resources you can download and customize for your use! 

Smartboard templates

53 Interesting Things to do with Your Whiteboard
***SMART Lesson Activities
Excellent SMART Board Lesson and Resource Sites, 2008-09
Talking SMARTBoards & Much More!

Eno board/Polyvision Resources

The Eno board also functions as a regular dry erase whiteboard. You may use regular dry erase markers on it without damaging it’s surface. The board can be cleaned with regular whiteboard or glass cleaner and a damp cloth. Warm water also works well. It is recommended that you do not use low odor markers on new boards as they leave a visible residue. After a few months use, low odor markers can be used.

The software that accompanies the Polyvision Eno board is RM Easiteach. Easiteach can be installed on your computer by submitting a helpdesk request. There are various components that can be installed to specifically fit your lesson requirements or subject. The software is not required to use the board, but functions similar to PowerPoint, and allows you to create interactive lessons using multimedia.

  • Polyvision Wikispace– Lesson ideas, Eno information and links to interactive websites specifc to subject that are tailored for interacative whiteboards. This is a great resource!
  • Polyvision Ning site.
  • Documentation and Manuals- Available for download at the bottom of this page.

Easiteach Resources:

  • EasiLearn- The main content portal for RM Education software including over 1,700 lessons, templates, and interactives. Accounts for users registered are free.
  • EasiLearn’s YouTube Videos– Tutorials and video guides on how to use EasiTeach software.
  • EasiTeach Tutorial Videos– Videos on using various widgets, using the scrapbook, as well as the various modes of EasiTeach.
  • Jacki Kratz Wikispace- Technology integrator from Sage Technologies. Eno, Polyvision and Web 2.0 resources.
  • Easiteach Training and Webinars– Free online training and e-courses offered by Easiteach.

Usage Tips: If the Eno pen becomes unresponsive try the following:

  • Cap the pen, then remove the cap after 5 seconds.
  • Quit and re open Polyvision Driver (Eno App) from the system tray in bottom right corner
  • Quit and re open RM Easiteach
  • Restart computer
  • Replace battery. Use only Energizer Advanced Lithium type batteries. Your building office should have some of these in stock. Your pen takes one AAA battery.

Cheat Sheets for the Eno board command “strips”

Brecknock boards

Brecknock Eno Strip

New Holland and Blue Ball boards

NH and BB Eno Strip

Interactive resources from Easilearn
Top 10 resources submitted from Easilearn
Be an Easiteach teacher!
User-made Easiteach files for you to use  – grouped by subject area
Polyvision resource wiki
Easiteach downloadable lessons
Easiteach resources– includes “how to use in math, how to use in soc. studies” etc.
Instructional technology lesson bank – downloadable ET files
Eno Polyvision Livebinder of resources

Here are “cheat sheets” to the board strips to help you with commands:

Polyvision Eno Tips and Tricks


Miscellaneous Information

My collection of IWB bookmarks on Diigo

46 ways to use your IWB

Interactive whiteboards wiki – with resources for Smart, Promethean, and Polyvision boards

Check out this cool external app – create interactive Word magnets for your students with Triptico!

General Thoughts on IWBs

Why use interactive whiteboards?

Positive uses:
a) to visually support teacher-centered knowledge and information transmission
b) to stimulate student responses through the use of verbal, audio and visual stimuli and graphical representations of concepts (interactive) but more flexible,
c) with even more intensive participation by students through exploratory activities and group work using a mix of self-developed materials and Internet resources (enhanced interactive)
d) connect to pedagogy and best practices- what best practices are you currently using where you could integrate the use of the board? Think LFS…

Ten No-Nos of Teaching with a Projector or Interactive Whiteboard

1. Don’t have your back to the participants!
2. Don’t make a shadow on the whiteboard or screen with your hand or body!
3. Don’t project a small and/or crooked image!
4. Don’t leave your audience in the dark!
5. Don’t point with your finger!
6. Don’t waste instructional time fumbling with projector set up!
7. Don’t assume your audience can see what you see!
8. Don’t be a sage on the stage.
9. Don’t use your projector as a blackboard or replacement!
10. Don’t waste money on an interactive whiteboard without some smart reasons!
What shall we do with an Interactive whiteboard?

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