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Please watch this tutorial to help you set up your Elanco Edmodo account!
Note: this was made in 2011 and the wiki cited has been replaced by this blog. Everything you need is here!
School Codes:
Blue Ball: f3le3n      Brecknock: mp2mc6        New Holland: hbfryi

How could I use Edmodo with students?

August 7 was Edmodocon 2013, which was a day of FREE LEARNING for teachers in the use of Edmodo in the classroom. Even if you couldn’t attend, you can check out all of thearchived sessions by clicking here! 

Check out this Livebinder – Edmodo Scavenger Hunt- created by Melissa Butler to get started!

The Edmodo blog is a definite must-read. It shares ideas and resources regularly!
5 steps to get started

Support document:

Link to Google doc with a list of ideas from Shannon Miller
How are you using Edmodo?
15 More Brilliant Ways to use Edmodo
Using Edmodo in the Classroom: 5 Days Later
Using Edmodo in the primary classroom
Introduction to Edmodo followed by several other posts in the Edmodo series 

Why would I use Edmodo?







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