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What’s Credly?

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Elanco Credly

Your Elanco tech coaches and administration will build, manage, and share badges with Elanco teachers and admin to acknowledge your learning efforts throughout the year. Some badges are specific to a learning system, while others are general and include things like “Happy Helper!” for someone who helps colleagues with instructional tech, and “Growth Mindset” for someone who consistently shows a willingness to learn and grow professionally. Credly is a service that allows organizations to create and distribute badges for various accomplishments.

How do I get started?

Create a free Credly personal account, not an organizational account, (we recommend using your elanco.org email account) to save your accumulated badges and showcase your skills!

How do I display my badges?

Link to your Credly page on your teacher blog, or add a link in your email signature! We’ll be showcasing staff accomplishments on this site!  You can also right-click to download the individual badge picture files and print those images and display them proudly on your classroom door! And/or make stickers out of them!

How do I claim badges?

Each badge has a specific claim link and code. Many are applicable to a large number of teachers, so we will update you with codes and claim links as they become available. Others will be workshop/PD-specific that distribute those codes/links via email to the workshop participants.

After logging in to your Credly account, click “Claim Credit” at the top of the page, and enter the claim code provided.

Visit our Available Badges page to get your collection started! Click on the name of the badge to visit its direct link to enter your claim code.

(P.S. We’re operating under the “honesty policy” – please do not claim badges you do not truly deserve!)