Fashion Cop


By Leila E.

“ Hi my name is Gloria Cop as you can tell by my last name I am a cop ,But I no ordinary cop I am a fashion cop .” Said Gloria


“ This is how it all began.”


“ One regular lunch time I was on my lunch break and I was eating my Three decker Grilled cheese with no mayo sandwich when I saw a girl sitting on the bench across from me crying I thought I should just eat my sandwich but my body made me get up and talk to her.” said Gloria


“ Hello and may I ask what’s the matter?” Gloria asked


“ My friends agree to wear the same outfit but they disliked me and they all wearing the same thing that I didn’t have and if I would have known I would have bought it. “ Said the girl.


“ What your name?” asked Gloria


“Susie I have this really good idea and can you help me with it.” Susie Said


“ Why of course I can.” Said Gloria  


Little did I know Susie was out to get Dude Men and Dude Man and steel there tv show.


The next day I met Susie outside of the Dudes studio. “ Hello Gloria Um can you knock on the door for me and just so you don’t mess up I made a script copy it completely.” Said susie


“ Okay.” I knock “ Hello there sir um ma’am  how can I help you.” Said Dude man




“ Uh why would anyone want to like susie?” Dude Men answered


“ How can you be so selfish she was crying on a bench.” Said Gloria “Goodbye.” Said Dude Man as he shut the door


. “ It’s okay I know where they are going today we can meet them there.” Said Gloria


“ Thanks so I need to look different or they will know and they will run run run run and I need to smell different to because they when I’m coming because of smell.” Said Susie


“ K I know where to go, since I am a cop I know just the place to go.” Said Gloria


 The first shop they walked into Susie saw a tiny tiny molecule that someone else had so she made Gloria arrest her.


“ Ma’am give us that molecule now miss susie need it to be different.” Gloria Said  


“ Sorry officer hers the molecule now please don’t arrest me.” The woman said    The next store they went into was a perfume shop. Susie saw a scent called Dude Men.


“ Oh Gloria I found something I like.”  Susie called


“ Dude Men wow Susie that’s a perfect idea then Dude Man will think that Dude Men is walking down the hallway but it will really be you.” Said Gloria


“ Now Gloria I need a stage crew outfit NOW!!” Susie demanded “ Okay Susie calm down let’s go find that outfit.” Said Gloria


Susie and Gloria found a shop called need a new you. There were about 100,000,000 different stage crew outfits.


“ Hmmm Gloria look perfect it’s a Dude colored Stage crew 1,000,000,000,000 dollar outfit.” Said Susie


“ Okay let’s get here is my credit card you pay I’ll wait outside .” Said Gloria  


 As they were leaving Gloria asked “ What’s was the price again for that again?”  “ Oh well just a couple bucks nothing to pricey.” Said Susie





“ They should be here any minutes.” Said Gloria  


Gloria was pretending to be a guard and Susie was stage crew and everything was in place Dude Men was getting coffee nearby and Dude Man had just arrived.


“ Excuse me Dude Man I’m you biggest fan like don’t I smell like Dude Men and Puple and Blue stage crew outfit your just my favorite can I get a picture with you ya know Dude Mens late I’ll cover form him ” Said Susie


“ Sorry but he’ll be here soon.” Said Dude man

“ Actually the show is about to start she is your only hope.” Said Gloria  


“ But what about the actual understudies?” asked Dude Man “ Nevermind that.” Said Susie and Gloria


The show had just started so Dude Man had to go on with Superfan stage crew helper (Susie).


“ Uh This is Dude Man and Special guest.” Suddenly Susie broke into her actual voice and took over the show.


“ Hehehehehehehhehehehhe I’m taking over Dude Men and Dude Man now you will all listen to me.” Yelled Susie


Dude Men had just walked into the room. “ DUDE RUN THE STAGE CREW HELPER IS ACTUALLY SUSIE!!!” Yelled Dude Man  


“ Wait Susie you said you just wanted to be on the show you never said that you wanted to take it over.” Said Gloria


“ Well I do.”   Then Gloria ran over took susie and put her in her cop car and started driving to the one and only Susie jail.


Dude Men and Dude Man thanked Gloria and went on there ways and everyone lived happily ever after.


The end

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