Eddie Blob

By Leila Eby


Once upon a time there lived a guy named Eddie. He loved taking care of trash and putting it in the place where it belonged. Ever Since he was three he wanted to get the CLEAN IT like you MEAN IT 9000. There was a New Neighbor moving in and his name was Ginger . He was a famous TV actor. Eddie loves new neighbors he loves greeting them and he loves bring them welcome gifts. When Eddie went to knock on the door the man who answered the door took about 20 minutes to get there because there was trash all over the house. “ Excuse me for being so late the master is upstairs if you would like to speak with him you are welcome to dinner.” Said the Butler  “I would so happy if you would invite me but may I ask why is there trash laying around every?” Eddie said  “ Um we will discuss all questions you have at dinner the master is throwing a homecoming party oh yes and by the way you can call me Impaddo.”


Eddie was speechless so he just walk home and picked up his trash and some more trash and some more trash and some of his neighbors trash then sat down and watch his trash can fill up.

Then the phone rang and so Eddie got up and answered it. “ Hello is this master Edward Maryanne Blob.” “ Yes and you can call me Eddie.” Answered Eddie in a very strict way. “ My master Ginger Kind Barbra Value  is so delighted to have you that he wants you to come early so he can show you his new tv show.” “ Well I don’t have any plans so okay I will but what time.”  “ Let me ask the master…… right now if that’s okay.”


So Eddie went over to the new neighbors house he bought his over sized big trash cans. He rang the doorbell 20 minutes later Impatto answered the door. “ Why hello Master Edward oh i’m sorry Eddie.” “ Yes so can I come in?” “ Oh course you may now you may sit in the Grand room number 4.”  “ Thanks.” Eddie walked in and picked up a lot of trash on his way in.

“ Hi I’m the master you have been hear about thank you thank you and I never um never mind sir anyway my tv show monologue.” then Eddie interrupted “ Um Ginger why do you have trash all over your house.” “ TO MY SCRIPT I SAID now the Tv producers said the show is called who cares about trash and I thought you might be interested in meeting the producers and so you are welcome to see me on my first day.” Said Ginger       


“ Um can you at least tell me what its about first i’m not really a big fan of action movies.” Said Eddie  “ No spoilers Mr. Edward now you should be leaving .”   “ But what about dinner?”  

“ There will be no dinner anymore I need to practice for my show now leave.”  As Eddie was leaving he realized what the show was about and he had to do something to stop it.



Eddie was nervous his neighbor has kind of mean and selfish first he invited all those people and then he canceled it. Eddie was still going to the audition because he was a nice neighbor unlike the neighbor but anyway Eddie was on his way to the studio and he was driving by all of these mansions. He wished that he lived in something like that finally he had arrived. “ Welcome good neighbor I was beginning to think you weren’t coming because your so late.” Said Ginger


“ I’m not late I’m ten minutes early and why does this place look like your trashy messy house?” Eddie said very angrily “ Okay well in the show bis you must be very early and haven’t you heard the show is called  who cares about trash I play the character who totally throws trash everywhere and doesn’t care about it one bit.”Said Ginger


That’s not good I need to stop this show it’s going to teach little kids bad things and maybe even adults this is not good not good at all!”  Eddie  “ Excuse you so Eddie so what do you think about my character?” asked Ginger


“ STOP THE SHOW GINGER CALL THE COPS”   “ Hello anybody in the Eddie Hello hello?” Ginger said  Suddenly Eddie realized that Ginger was talking to him. “ Sorry I was just think about your …amazing show you have created.” What Eddie really wanted to say was THIS SHOW IS REALLY BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT FAMILIES CHILDREN I’M SURPRISED THE GOVERNMENT HASN’T  SAID ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!

“ Why thank you.” Then Ginger was interrupted by the director “ We are starting to film soon get to your places everyone.”    “ Got to go and wish me luck.”


Eddie didn’t know what to do would he do his job and stop the show from airing on tv or be a scaredy cat and not do anything about it.  Then the director said they were going live and Eddie had no idea he had to do something quick.   “ 5…4…3…2…1 Action and right at the last second Eddie jump forward into scene and started talking like he knew just what he was doing. “ Hey kids do your parents need to get a new toy well I’ve got that toy for you… it’s the clean it like you mean it 9000 hurry I don’t even have one for this 30 minute commercial because they are going out.” Yelled Eddie


Suddenly the director was crying. “ c-c-ccut-t-t why may show W-why mine? “ Screamed The director Then Eddie walked over to Ginger “ I sorry for ruining your show but it can teach people bad things maybe you could make a show about helping to environment by taking care of trash instead of not.” suggested Eddie  “ It’s okay the only reason I got picked for this show was because I was the only one who auditioned for it and the only reason I did was because I wanted to be famous ,But Eddie you just gave me a very good idea I could hold auditions for they show and maybe you could be lead role.” Said Ginger


“ Nahh I just want people to take care of there trash.” Said Eddie So Eddie went home with a smile on his face. A few days later Eddie got a call from Impatto. “ Hello mister Eddie are you there?”  “ yes I hear is there something I can do for you Impatto?” Eddie answered  “ YES the master has a terrible fever and is in the hospital.” “ Oh no is this true who is going to direct the Take Care Of Your Trash Show?” Eddie responded in fear “ Well the master said that he would like you to ,Eddie if your okay with that.” Said Impatto


So Eddie was off he want to save that TV show bad he wanted people to know important it is to take care of their trash. When he arrived it look way different than from on tv. Everything was blue and green. Finally Eddie have taken his seat in the director’s Chair and had called action. He was so excited to see how it went. “ Taking care of Trash is one of the most important things.” On actor said “ If we don’t are world will become very dirty and messy.” Another Actor said  “ CUT can you move to the blue spot and you stay in the green I like the sliding effect for videos I mean TV shows.” Eddie Said  


“ Taking care of Trash is one of the most important things.” On actor said “ If we don’t are world will become very dirty and messy.” Another Actor said  “ Cut that was … PERFECT” Said Eddie  “ You can take a day off today everybody.” After that he got in his car and called Ginger and told him that the rehearsal went great. Soon after ginger got better he was able to direct the rest of the season and Eddie felt happy knowing that the world could take care of his trash a little bit better because of what he has done. “ Then eddie got a call from Impatto saying that he is needed at the white house and the president would like to talk to him about his great care in helping the community. When he got back he had a job at the Helping people take care of there trash center (HPTCOTT)So That is how Eddie is helped his community.


The End

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