Annie B. Catherain

( Half of Book)


Chapter 1

“ABCD.” My teacher said over and over again so that we would know what letters there are.

I mean Kindergarten is so easy and it’s the end of the year. Last week my teacher Miss.Maryland left because she had family in Florida she needed to visit. How rude she left us with this preschool substitute.


“  Floriana Floriana F-L-O-R-I-A-N-A.” I called across the room I was so bored I just needed to talk to someone.


“ Miss.C.” Called the Sub “NO taking when the teacher is talking.” I hated having her I mean when miss.Maryland was here she let us leave the room with a buddy if we needed to talk.


“ Uh ma’am.” Said Floriana “ Miss.Maryland-” “ Never mind what miss maryland saids I’m am your teacher til she gets back understood class.” Said mrs oh whatever her name is. “UNDERSTOOD.” yelled the class, Then she turned around with a stern look on her face.


“Class can you tell me what the first three letters of the alphabet are.” I raised my hand and so did the whole class Miss.Maryland asked us this same question on the 1st week of school.


I knew it all along my initials are A.B.C. “ Miss Annie could you tell us.” She asked “ A B C and also the last three letters are ZYX.” I said trying to make her understand that we knew the whole alphabet.


“ Wow Someone’s a smarty pants.” She said

All the sudden the bell rang school was over only the next day we would come back to school learning the same thing.                                                



“ Welcome home sweetie how was your day?” My mom asked She asked that question everyday “Good.” I replied

“ Well I got an email for a teacher named Mrs.Communicator saying you were constantly talking during class is this true?”


“ I guess she is too easy I mean she taught us the alphabet the thing that we already know!” I said


“ Well she is just trying to do her job.” Mom said  The next day miss Maryland was back and everyone was so happy until she told us something very important.


“ Class I’m afraid that another school wants me to teach there 2nd grade class and this a very important job especially because I need money to pay for my house and thing ok.” She said


“ Who is going to be our teacher for the rest of the year?” I asked


“ His name is Mr. Marlin almost the same as mine.” What wait is my ears hearing this a boy kindergarten teacher I’m so what.


“Miss.MARYLAND we will miss you Goodbye.” Said everyone except for me.

A few weeks later Mr. Marlined had gotten comfortable. “ Alright class there is going to be a big big test coming up and it’s going to determine what class you are in next year if you do good I will give you extra recess.” he said


“Un sir we don’t get recess because the teachers think we need to learn more.” I said


“ Well this will be the first.” Said Floriana excitedly  “ Someday you will all thank me.” She said “ For What?” I asked  There was 15 seconds of silence.

“ Class Get on your computers.” He said happily  “ UH sir we don’t have computers either.” I said



“HMMM.” he thought outloud  “ Let me call the the tech department.” he said

“ Hello, Ah Hello um the kindergarteners need to take a test on their computers for the end of the year oh okay oh goodbye.” He said


“So class you are going to take the test on paper.” He said  


“ Well sir when we take the test we go in this room and eat snacks and sit in certain seats were we won’t talk to our friend.” I said I was fun telling this guy what to do and what not to do.


On the last day of school Mr.Marlin gave us gifts and threw a party and Miss Maryland never did that.

1 minute til school is over and 1st grade would be coming my way but I didn’t want to leave mr.Marelined taught us a lot these past few weeks I didn’t want to leave a really awesome teacher but Ring Ggg schools out.


Chapter 2


It’s the first day of 1st grade. My teacher’s name is Annie just like me. I don’t really know what’s she’s like and I really hope she’s not like Miss Maryland because I got tired of her.


I walked into Mrs. Clamersnane’s classroom. It had a lot of letters hanging from the roof.

“Welcome Miss. Catherian.” She said.  ” Hi.” I replied “I wish I was in 3rd grade all of this stuff is too easy for me.” I told her.” W-What, well  if you feel that way then I will talk with the teachers and the principal.” She Said.


What Really Oh My I can’t believe that she really is going to do that. The next day The principal came into the classroom and talked about the 1st grade rules and then he called my name in front of the ENTIRE CLASS. ”



Miss Catherian you will be moving to Miss Raggar’s 3rd grade classroom.” He said ” Okay.” I said  nervously

” Pack up all of your belongings and come with me.” the Principal said.

We walked down the hall and finally we went into the classroom as soon as I walked in I realized what a big mistake I’ve made. ” Hello Dear we’re just learning how to multiply 6 by 8 very simple.” Miss Raggar said ”

You may set your things over there.” she said  the principal gave me a push. Goodbye 1st and 2nd grade hello ahhhh. I said to myself.

A few Days went by and finally I couldn’t take it my scores were bad and my handwriting to and also I didn’t understand anything.

So the only way to get back to 1st grade is to see the principal and the only way to see the principal is to break a rule and I only knew the 1st grade rules not the 3rd grade so it would be very easy for me.

I started off with something simple like not raising my hand to clear my tray at lunch they made me sit at the white table which apparently is where bad kids go to eat lunch.

The next thing I did was non stop talking during class. Miss Raggar only made me clip down to Warning. It wasn’t that bad. So then After a Few days I was sent to the principal he asked me a few questions.

 “Why are you doing these things?”  he asked over and over and over again.

” Don’t know actually I want to go back to 1st grade because i’m not actually as smart as I thought and I need to learn more really learn more so that’s kinda why I was doing all that bad stuff just so I could see you to ask you this.” I said as quick as possible.

” Wait What?” he asked “Uhhhhh, I want to go back to 1st grade because i’m not actually as smart as I thought and I need to learn more really learn more so that’s kinda why I was doing all that bad stuff just so I could see you to ask you this.” I said slower than before.


 “Okay and you realize you can just ask your teacher to see me right.” he said  ” Okay.” I said ” We will have you back in 1st grade before lunch.” He said with a smile

A week had gone by and I felt good where I was but Floriana was being a big old brat but that’s not new.

Also a new kid named Ravie came into our class. He said he’s from Florida. He also bragged about how he has a font named after him. Me ,well just normal me in 1st grade Miss Annies class room 118.

At the end of the day my mom said she was picking me up and she said there was some sort of surprise for the end of the year. I’m not really big on surprises but she said i’ll like it.

“ Honey darling.” I hate when my mom called me that it’s like i’m a baby. “ Come downstair your surprise is ready.” Said mom I was ready for a 1st grade baby letter learner or chalkboard but, I was a kitten a orange kitten.

It started to nibble on my yellow and blue polka dot sweatpants. “ Mom THESE ARE MY FAVORITE PANTS DO SOMETHING!!” I yelled

“ Here Kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty cat.” Mommy whispered “ Wow how did you called here that fast?” I asked

“ Practice She said  Next Day was the last day of school first grade was a blast and I learned a lot of lessons that year to but some were really important.

Chapter 3

It’s Finally Summer I yelled.” My mommy always got me donuts at the end but she was going to the doctor.

“ Mommy why do we have to go to the doctor, me and daddy already went this year and well we were both fine?” I asked

“ It’s not for us its for someone else.” She said “ Who who I want to know who?” I kept asking but she would not answer


“ Your father is going to pick you up at 4:00. That would be 5 minutes after we get there.” She said

“ Hey come girly let’s go.” Said daddy He had just picked me up and was driving. We stopped at a place that it looked like it said Real Estate.

I couldn’t read it right but I knew how to spell it.

This summer was really wack my mom kept getting fat and my dad kept going to the uh real estate place.

Finally at the end of the summer My mommy and daddy were having a serious talk with me. “ Honey darling.” I rolled my eyes

“ You’re going to be a big.” Suddenly the door rang mommy and daddy went to answer it. I wondered I’m going to be a big what? They came back “ You’re going to be a big sister and.”

Before I could stomp up to my room they said there’s more. “ We are moving to Colorado Springs” Said daddy At that moment I was going to rip my hair out.

I would miss all of friends. When we move I’ll have to have no friends and put up with a crying poop machine.

“MOM DAD I’LL HAVE NO FRIENDS.” I yelled “ Well you can make new ones and besides you already will have a permanent best friend your little sister. “ Great its a great now I’ll have to put up with a bratty crying poop machine.

2 months later we had just moved into are tiny sqished apartment. I didn’t even know that calarodo had apartments.

My little sister had just came into this world two days ago and my parents named her Belle. Her full name is Alice belle Catherian.


I always wanted the name Alice. My mom made me repeat my name over and over so she would know it by the time she could talk. “ Annie Blue Catherian

Annie Blue Catherian.” I repeated WE were also attending a church service. It was actually pretty much the only thing I liked around here.

I Didn’t start second grade yet because aparently the school only startes at september 30th and it’s september 16th.

It ‘s so cold here it could almost snow. Back in Georgia it was always warm. “ Mom can I have pb and j samwitch.” I asked sure a Few weeks went by and school was actually great I so happy we moved I might miss but thats okay!

The snow was really fun to play in and my  dad taught me how to ski. I think that even though we live in a tiny apartment it’s still great here!


The End

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