Week 9 blog Challenge My FaVoRiTe HoLiDaY

4th July fireworks Steven Feather via Compfight

By Leila
My favorite holiday is the 4th of July because it occurs during my birthday month. I also like it because it’s the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed. Another reason I like it is because there are parades and we can see fireworks.
My family goes to the beach and we see fireworks on the beach. Before we go to the beach, we go to the candy store and get candy and there are people handing out bags that have cool toys in them like mini American flags and other stuff like that.
For dinner, we sometimes go to the boardwalk or this really cool seafood place. Another name for it is Independence day. I love celebrating this great Holiday.

Here is a link to tell you more about the 4th of July.
Here is another link to tell you some other things about the 4th of July.

4 thoughts on “Week 9 blog Challenge My FaVoRiTe HoLiDaY

  1. I really love learning that the 4th of July is your favorite holiday:) Do you have any specific memories or stories to share from this holiday?
    I’d like to hear more about this:)

    • I think it is amazing that your family comments on your blog Eby and they leave constructive positive comments! You are growing as a writer and it is amazing to see. Keep it up!

  2. I enjoyed reading about your favorite holiday. You have very good reasons to celebrate in July, starting with the 4th and then your special birthday. You will never forget decorating your bike for the parade at the beach. Very good writing!!

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