My Haiku

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Love is beautiful

Someone I know is beautiful

They are the stars in my sky


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My Favorite Sport Is…

Oct - 14 2017 | 3 comments | By

BASKETBALL. Basketball is the best sport because the thrill of holding that ball dribbling it through the air and then that jump shot and… Swish, that game winning point feels great. I love the knowledge that you won’t get hurt as bad in basketball, unlike football. I love the intensity of the game. Basketball is the best and my favorite sport.

The Making of a NAVY S.E.A.L

Oct - 10 2017 | no comments | By

“The Making of a Navy” seal is and intense and makes you believe you are there. The book is about a kid named Brandon Webb whose parents loved him but when they were sailing around the world, him and his dad had some fights. His dad “threw him” off the boat, so he had to go back to land and stayed there at the age of sixteen. And he loved working for a guy and his ship. He was like a second father to him. Then the guy said you should join the Navy Seals. Brandon was very athletic doing sports all his life. he decided to do it. and so begins his journey to becoming a NAVY S.E.A.L

Dear Mr.Henshaw

Sep - 27 2017 | no comments | By

This book is about a kid named Leigh Botts. He loves an author named Mr. Henshaw. He repeatedly wrote to him and bugged him. So he writes about all of his problems in a diary. This story is very thrilling and exciting.

Goals for My Writing

Sep - 18 2017 | no comments | By

My goals are to learn how to write better fiction and stay focused on the topic. Also I am hoping to just write more overall.

Hello world!

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