May 31

How Starbucks So Amazing

Once upon a time, there was a rock star named Starbucks.Starbucks loved coffee. Coffee was his life.He eventually quit being a rock star. He  made a business named Starbucks. He made coffee, Unicorn Frappe, Frap a chinos and cap a ccinos.He made way more things but there was so many, I could not name them. He made them till he died and his children passed it on and o and on and on and that is how we have it today.



March 20

The clown that worked at a bakery.

Once there was a clown.He worked at a bakery.He loved to throw things at people.He would jump on a ball and throw cupcakes,cakes,Duncan Donuts, and pies.He would go to a lot of  places to buy the things.People thought he made them.HE WAS A FAKER!!!!!!!!!!!Then, the bakery broke down from all of the things being thrown.After that, he got fired from his job.He had to build the bakery all over again.When he tried to bake, he BURNED all the food.He did that for the rest of his life.Then he knew how to bake because aBox of Donuts Van's Bakery nice lady showed him how.Then he lived happily ever after.THE END!!!!!!!!Creepy Clown

March 10

The Cat In A Hat

Ho ho ho / meow meow meow Once upon a time, there was a cat in a hat.His name is Gary, and his favorite fruit is a black berry.He was a grumpy little cat.He goes outside at night to see a bat. He knows a lot about that.He likes to chase dogs.But not when there’s fog.He always likes the clouds,but he is so loud.He likes to play games, but it has to be with fame.It has to be with fame because we don’t want it to be lame.We like to go fast, then its a blast. He likes to play with his ball,but it is a little small.He’s not fat,but he likes his hat.He has a lot of hair,but he doesn’t care.He likes to eat honey buns, but when I have to buy it,its not fun.When he lies, I am full of surprise.Not to be rude, but he’s messy with his food.He likes to sniff dirty socks, but then he goes in a box.He has a tiny hat, but he is still a cat.He likes to scratch, but when he eats cakes, he wants a new batch.He is sometimes nice, but he likes to catch mice.He doesn’t like to cringe, but he likes to eat an orange.That’s the story of the cat, that had a cute little hat.

February 28

I like McDonalds

I like McDonalds.

McDonald’s is my favorite restaurant. I do not go that often but I really like it.I go with my family.On st.patrick’s day we usually go and get shamrock shakes.They are really good.McDonald’s also have other really yummy food.

The foods I eat there are big macs,fries, and hot cakes.The grand mac is cool too!There are more foods there that I like but I like these the most.

I go there because I like the big macs and fries, the ice cream, and I also go there…cuz I can.That is why i like to go there.

  I expect Pepsi as my drink.When they are out I am really sad.I also expect no long lines. If there is a long line,I get impatient and go to the play place while I wait.Lastly,the last thing I expect is  kid meals with a big mac.I expect that because I like big macs.That is what I expect.

That is my story of why I like McDonalds and that is why it is my favorite restaurant and that I like to go there with my family and friends.

February 27

My Weekend

What I did this weekend was going to Walmart. My mom bought me a karaoke machine and lollipops. I ate all of them tho. But there were only two of them. Also, when we were there my mom got a haircut. she got it cut up to her shoulders. That was one thing I did.Another thing is that we went to my brothers friends house. We were playing a survival game and we used sticks for the outside of it and put sticks on top for a roof, but it was too small inside, so we got shovels and dug inside of it. we weren’t finished tho.We had to go inside because it was getting dark.That is what i did this weekend. 🙂