blog prompt: themes of poems

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How do the themes in poetry help you gain a deeper understanding of life in general? (Kewl Kids and Crazy Crew)

Theme in poetry helps you because a lot of poems are confusing. Theme is really helpful. Once you read the poems a little more you start to develop what’s going on. Once you find out and know what the poem is about it fills your mind with many thoughts like, is there a problem, when, why, where, and how.

Theme also helps you by changing your perspective on things. Such as what the poem is really about. At first when you read the poem you might see the visible perspective of one person, but when you look deeper you can see much much more. Even when you read it more than 2 times there may be still some confusion on which side you’re on. There also might be more things that you can pick out of the poem and use that as your theme.


Theme also helps with the understanding of a poem. For example if there is a bunch of confusing stanzas you can easily see the theme and base the main idea off of a theme. Some stanzas require a lot of thought to understanding. Some stanzas may use figurative language that can really help you process and fill your mind as well. Some stanzas might also use words that you might not know. There are many stanzas that require you to have an open mind and just relaxation for you to understand.


This is what we think about how the theme in poetry comes to life and how you can understand it. It is evident that theme help you out in poetry a ton. Thank you for reading this, I hope this helps you in a poetry situation.


What makes a good family?: Blog challenge week 9

Hmmm, what makes a good family? Well, lots of thing can make up a good family. For example A good family can have, kindness, cooperation, respect, and caring hearts throughout. Let me explain a little about them for you guys and girls.


First thing that a makes a family a good family is kindness. When I say kindness I mean like there are no fighting between brother and sister. I know that that’s hard for a lot of the people with annoying sisters and brothers. Your mom and dad should be nice too, like be reasonable with grounding or try to understand better when a kid does something wrong. Kindness I one of a great things that make up a great/good family.


The second thing that makes up a good family is cooperation. When I say this I mean that each child has the same amount of chores and they help around the house. Cooperation can also mean like if you’re having a problem at school or homework that you help whoever needs to be helped. Once again I know how little siblings can be just try to help.


The third and final part of becoming a good family is the respect. A family really needs respect. Like when a brother gives his game to his sister and she breaks it. That’s not respect you take care of each other and each others things. And yes, that does include your parents things too.
Those are the top three things that make a family a good family. I hoped you enjoyed and really learned from the examples. What Do you think makes up a good family?

Blog prompt: number of the stars questions

Stars Chapter 1-5 Prompt Questions


I think that she really doesn’t feel that bad but a little scared. I don’t think that she is that scared because she doesn’t know that the holocaust is going on and that they nazis are taking people away. I think that she still was very scared because who would want to run or even talk to a mean nazi soldier. The first thing that she may have thought was that they were going to take her home and tell her parents, that would be one of the most scary things going through her mind.


I would be really terrified because the first thing that I would be thinking that they would take me away from my family and torture me. Another thing that I would be reason that I would be scared is because what if I didn’t hear them and ran into them and knocked someone over, they might shoot me slap me or even lock me into their transportation and send me to jail.


If you have read this book before in your lifetime please tell me what your opinion and answers are. If you haven’t read this book before I highly suggest doing so because this is a really good book, but i recommend being at least 10 to read this book. Those are my answers for “Blog Prompt number of the stars quiz.  


Week 2 Making a complete comment: blogging challenge

HMMMMMM! How do I write a good comment on somebody’s wonderful blog or post? I’ll tell you, there is a special technical way to do it. Do you want to know, do you really want know, are sure? Ok, it’s called Star, Wish, Wonder. In the paper that I have I will show you how each one works in a wonderful comment.


The first one is Star. This means that you state something that you really like about something. Could be a post, or even a comment on a comment. If you know what I mean. This would be what a lot of you all do. But don’t do the second paragraph.


The second one is wish. This is one people think is bad. This means that you state something that you don’t like about something. The way you state what you don’t like you have to make a suggestion so the person will understand why you don’t like it. Surprisingly this helps the person with their writing skills.

The third and final one is wonder. Yep! You guessed you have to state a question about the statement that someone created. So if someone named their cat Sparr you would ask why is its named Sparr? Yes, you guessed it once again you put all of these parts together to get your one amazing comment. This might seem like a lot, but trust me it will count. Happy Blogging. 

Free Write: April fool’s Day!

Today’s April Fool’s day! I would probably choose not to be fooled. If I was ever fooled I would be so embarrassed. Plus I would not be able to see my face when it happens, I call it reaction mode. Unless there was a huge prank proof mirror right in front of me when it happens. Of coarse I also don’t want to be remembered as the dumb one who fell into the prank in the first place. I want to be remembered as the person who planned this mass prank-struction. get it. I mixed prank and destruction together. I’m historical, am I right, or am I right.  This last sentence was copied from Miss Hecker, anyone else who uses it will go to jail. I was just FOOLING around). I just can’t stop. 


Blog challenge week 4, activity 3



Hello! My name is Tanner and I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. I would really like to tell you about some really interesting tourist attractions, did I mention they were really cool!? These places are where you go to admire and relax a day away. Here is some of the best and why.


Number 1: The rolling farmlands. A very easy place to go in Lancaster well, since it’s kind of everywhere you go. Photographers might like this one because the way the land is shaped and the farm animals are actually really nice and calm. Journalists also might like this to because believe it or not the farmland makes everything seem nice and peaceful/quiet. Matter of fact this WILL help journalists because the nice peace and quiet might help them thing and record without any distractions


Number 2: Intercourse. This place is really good if you would like to have and adventure or explore. There are plenty in mini attractions in this area. In this area many many tourists are spotted here for the Wine bars, the beautiful sites and scenery, and most importantly the amazing campgrounds. There is also a very heavy attraction because it has a lot of irish culture inside of it. The way the signs are shaped, the food, drinks, even the style in Intercourse is FULL irish.


Number 3: Hersheypark. This is the HUGE deal for tourists. This I were chocolate began. There are numerous, yet very famous rides, and lot lot and LOTS of CANDY! Hersheypark has promised each and every customer satisfaction, but how ever there has been a little problem with the lines. Like I said this a very well liked place with a very attractive title and place. That is my last place to tell you guys about. Looking forward to seeing you at these places. Happy Blogging!



Free Write: Jack’s beanstalk

Click, click, click, my horses hooves go on the thick sheet of rocks on the ground. I have found Jack’s beanstalk in the middle of a forest, and I’m ready to climb and explore it. I whip out my two ice claws (ice claws: are sharp metal pointers that are used to penetrate rough terrain.) and sink one right into the root of the beanstalk. It gives a low rumbling noise like it’s complaining. I climb and camp each day until I get to the top so I can see the gold glitter and smile at me. When I finally reach the top of the giant root I scream in glory. But right there and then a giant comes out of nowhere and……ROOOAAAAR!! I fall backwards of the land and fall back down the beanstalk, the giant walks away. Thankfully my ice claw was clipped on the edge of the island. The giants must be alert, why it must be because of jack stealing the king’s gold.

Blog Prompt: Drama

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Michaela: Bold


We think drama can help you better understand the feelings and viewpoints of characters because it’s coming to life, also drama can really astonish readers if it is used in the correct way to, and lastly because drama tells us a lot about the characters ways and personalities. Because of these things we can get a better understanding of what is happening and the different things that are going on. Drama can also get the reader’s attention very quickly


Making drama come to life helps us because we can actually see what’s going on. Drama can really spice up a decent story. Drama can also really help us to understand the characters thoughts and what they are feeling like, angry, confident, sad, happy, etc. In a book we may tell by the details in the story how they’re feeling, but when it comes to life “that’s when the magic happens”.  As well as their motions/actions they do. In a book we can not physically see what’s happening.


Drama can is also very important because in a story drama can really take a hold of the reader and put them into the story itself (Grab the reader’s attention). Who would want to watch a play that is so boring, and/or read one. Grabbing the reader’s attention is very important so that they enjoy it. Without Drama in a story the book/story would never even have anything a story is supposed to have like, happy, sad, exciting, romantic details that would make the reader(s) board.   


Because of these reasons we better understand the feelings and viewpoints of characters.By coming to life, drama can effect the readers opinion, it can grab the audience/ readers attention, and lastly it can tell us a lot about certian characters actions and/or feelings.


Blog Challenge Week 1: My sea monster

This is my sea monster. This describes me in a lot of ways. The number one way is because I love underwater things. I don’t like to BE underwater but I like to look at pictures and the majestic fish of the ocean. The second shows how creative I am and what kinds of different animals that I desire. The third and final thing is that is shows my personality a little bit through different animal adaptions to life. You can build your own wild self at:


Magic seeds!

If I could grow anything with magic seeds life would be a dream. Ding Dong! “Package for Mr.Dreamer!” I opened the door to see a mailman standing outside my doorway, but a package was tucked under his skinny arms. That is funny because I don’t remember ordering anything. I take the box into my house and I rip and I tear to find another cardboard box, it has a label on it saying:


Warning! Do not try to dissemble, keep out of children’s hands, highly filled with magic!


I open it up and find little beans or seeds. I didn’t know what they would grow so I took them to my neighbor. He is a farmer. Farmer John said that he had never seen anything like them before. He said that I should plant them to find out. Should I do it?