Before any of this starts I’m going to talk a bit about the coronavirus or covid-19. The first fact would be that, the US has the most cases for covid-19. The second fact is most likely to happen but it is that, barbers and hairdressers can open but they must have a licence. The last fact is just saying theres 2.1 million people with covid-19.

Know that I’ve said some facts on the coronavirus I’ll be talking about how I or you could help people in the neighborhood. First you would always want to bring a mask because governor wolf pretty much made it illegal to not go in stores without one but walks are fine but do be careful. Second of all make sure the people you’re working for aren’t sick because if they are the germs could spread to you even if you had a mask on! last of all make sure you are aloud to be doing whatever yard work your doing. Even though this may sound like an order you can do it however you would want to organize them.

In conclusion you should always be mindful when being helpful to others.