I believe that schools should be closed so they can clean the school. If they do end up closing the school they should take 1 to 5 days so there is the option to continue school for the rest of the week or
take an entire school week to clean then dry and keep the school clean because it probably will take a while to clean each chair, floor, desk/table, ecs. The coronavirus is no joke so I definitely clean my room if it ends up spreading to lancaster. Nonetheless you should always try and clean were you stay the most because you wouldn’t want to get infected by a disease with a large chance to kill you and many others! This also qualifies for the flu or a really bad or contagious disease.

If we were to close school for some reason, we wouldn’t have to redo those days because it’s technically a state of emergency. If people started a petition I and lots others would most likely sign it!

This is what we should do if we have to shut/close school for a bit.