I feel that online learning is a lot less useful because we aren’t getting the same amount of time as we normally would but this does let you do many other things like play board games or a fun activity with your family but I do enjoy online learning because I can finally sleep in a lot longer! In my free time though, I would say I’ve been playings lots of games, helped around the house, and played with our new foster kittens and of course the 1 kitten or winnie that’s been living in my room for probably 3 months now, might be let out of my room and aloud to play in the rest of our house with the other cats but the new foster or the 3 kittens and their mom will be with us for a while because I believe the kittens are only 4 weeks old when we got them and they couldn’t even walk so they’d wadle or “swim” around and their eyes weren’t even open but in 1 week they could run, play, see, eat wet food, drink water, and use the litter box! Overall I’ve been having a very good time even though I found out school completely out for the rest of the year.

Either way hope everyone has a fun online learning experience for the rest of the school year!