When I was 11 years old I went to New Haven, Connecticut with my parents to see the PEZ factory and I’m going to give a review for this great place!


The Factory is located in New Haven, Connecticut as you probably heard earlier but you didn’t hear that it’s located at 35 Prindle Hill Rd. The Factory is open Monday through Friday which means you can go on weekdays but spend the weekends at home or do something else. The admission for the factory is normally $5 but for people from 3 to 12, 60 and up, or groups of 10 or more get to go for $4 but the group of 10 or more is $4 for everyone.


The factory allows cameras and phones so you can take pictures of the place but because you’ll probably be there for 1 to 2 hours you might want to bring some food or drinks but be careful because some places you can’t eat or drink even take pictures in some areas of the factory!


In the factory you can see many things like videos on who made pez first or what it exactly is, you can also see people make the pez and they normally wear masks so they don’t inhale the dust from the pez and wear all white. Even though you can see all of the videos and see the people make the pez my favorite thing to do is to look at the massive collection they most likely have 100’s of pez dispensers on display and I saw that pez dispensers used to be iron or were just plastic tubes.


Now onto the tour, the tour has a lot of similar things besides a tour guide that talks all about it so you don’t have to read the signs. The tour also gives more information on the factory than you could read. These are the reasons why I loved the PEZ Factory!

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